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PBC Turkey Hangers now available...

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    PBC Turkey Hangers now available...

    Ordered mine today. Comes in a set of two. They also offer a hinged grill now (also ordered). Can't wait to try them out!
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    I just ordered (3) of them. (2) for me, and (1) for my buddy. I can tell this will be a lot easier than the hooks I used last year. Now just have to wait for turkey's to be on sale. I forgot to mention the price. $16.95 plus free shipping!


      They've also got a new turkey video out and there's a 20% off combo package that includes PBC rubs, pit mitts, and two turkey hangars. Get em while they're hot!


        You guys allergic to links? Turkey Vid:

        I have to say i'm in no hurry on this, that seems like totally the wrong way to do it in my experience. PBC gets hot from the bottom, legs hanging down there cook faster as they should, flipping it upside down, and using a real size turkey and not those chickens he has would put the breast just a couple inches off of the coals and the legs up in the air. I don't see how you can get the legs done without severely overcooking the breast.

        Also I have tried rub on the outside, wasn't nearly as good as under. You guys will have to let me know how it goes because I won't be trying it first. Also you can fit 2 in there anyway, much bigger than those...

        And as an aside, do you remember when the videos said cook 2 hours for chicken, no matter which chicken? Of course you have to step back from that statement but the one on here says 3.5-7 hours. That is not a helpful range.

        We have created the versatile Pit Barrel Cooker as the original vertical drum smoker and charcoal grill. Get your barrel smoker and charcoal grill today.


        • Ernest
          Ernest commented
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          I've been preaching about PBC cooking times and their videos for a while now. But it seems like most folks do not want to experiment. It makes no sense for a chicken to take 2 - 3 hours just because Noah said so.
          Take them as guidelines

        I like the hinged grate, might get one on order right away. I might wait on the turkey hanger until someone here reports on the results. I feel sure someone is willing to test them real soon! But I like the idea of doing a whole turkey rather than a butterflied bird.


          I think the whole concept of the PBC revolves around the air circulation so based on that wouldn't it not matter if you hung it breast side or leg side down? I went ahead and ordered mine. Putting a turkey in there with the hooks was always a bit of a challenge.


          • _John_
            _John_ commented
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            It isn't real noticeable for a lot of meats, but there is definitely a difference. Most notably for me is bologna, I cut a chub in half and set it up in there on the cut side and smoke them for a few hours, by the time it's done the bottom half inch is an inedible burnt crust.

          Didn't realize the hinged grate was a Deluxe Great-Grate.


          • PappyBBQ
            PappyBBQ commented
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            Right @Jerod! I was having a brain fart when I did my original post and couldn't pull Great-Grate out of the rock that sits on my shoulders. But, yep. That's what it is! And at 16 bucks plus change it's not a bad deal. I looked at making one and it would have cost me close to that just to buy a cheapo grate to hack up.

          I just received my order of the Turkey hangers. Ordered on Wednesday night, got here today on Saturday the 31st. Just guessing, they seem to be made of 3/16" stainless steel rod. Seems sturdy. Addressing John's concern of the Turkey breast hanging to close to the fire, I measured the distance to the charcoal basket. It's 10 inches. I don't foresee a problem. As soon as I can find a reasonably priced Turkey volunteer, I'll find out.


            I ordered 2 Turkey hangers and the ash catcher. Usually I like to spatchcock the turkey and hang it from one rebar, leaving the other rebar available for temperature adjusting. However, I thought the hangers might come in handy for when I need to do multiple chicken cooks. Right now I can get 3 chickens in a PBC (sliced in half sagittally) but would like to do 4 plus some sausages. I thought the turkey hangers might help out with that. So I just wanted to play around with them.

            Their Great Grate option is not as nice as mine (via Jerod Broussard 's modification) because buying a Weber grate and slicing off half the grates leaves a bigger opening, which I find essential. Click image for larger version

Name:	my great grate resized.jpg
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ID:	119204

            JB's live action photo:

            Click image for larger version

Name:	JBs Great Grate resized.jpg
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ID:	119207

            PBC's version (which is still really nice and is a great price at $16.95) Click image for larger version

Name:	hinged_grate3_1040-520x700.jpg
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            • HC in SC
              HC in SC commented
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              Awesome idea and looks better than the new PBC hinged grate! You guys are the bomb!! Stopping by Lowes / Home Depot on way home to pick up the Weber grate and will use a cutting wheel to shave it in half.

            I just ordered the turkey hanger, hinged grate and ash catcher. I am committed to the PBC cooking experience!


              Has anyone tried a turkey on the new hangers? I cooked my first turkey in the PBC using the spatchcock method (most delicious turkey I've ever cooked), which didn't take anywhere near the 3-7 hours.

              I'm also wondering about hanging the bird breast down. I've found on ribs and other cooks, the lower hanging meats definitely cook hotter and faster, so to me it seems to be counterintuitive to hang the bird breast down.


              • Jerod Broussard
                Jerod Broussard commented
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                I'm sticking with a spatch-cocked hung like a chicken turkey cook @ 325+ pit temp.

              • New2Cue
                New2Cue commented
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                I'm going to do the same Jerod. To get crispy skin, I'm going to try the baking soda night before method, and possibly put it in the oven for the last 5-10 degrees.

              Well, I just received my turkery hangers and the ash pan. Testing next week. Will probaly not go with the hinge grate because I already got a Weber grate and cut half of it out. Looking forward to the testing.....



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