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New guy's comedy of errors.....

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    New guy's comedy of errors.....

    Howdy all,

    Been cooking my 3rd Butt this morning/afternoon. Had problems during previous cooks with the fire going out (got a dual Maverick after that), low temps/looong cooks, and a fallen butt. Some was due to not getting a good start on the coals, others due to running out of coals before the butt was done (10 lb butt).

    Today I loaded it up with a "picnic roast" (20lbs) purchased thinking it was 2 butts. (bright ain't I) No worries as I am going for a mess of pulled pork, and I read here that the both hunks are considered good for that.
    Dry brined and did a dry rub.
    Set the hooks and loaded the PBC up after filling the basket extra full, with a layer of Kingsford Comp on bottom and a layer of regular Kingsford on top. Set out 16 briquettes for a mid cook reload so I don't have a dying fire like before.
    A good start, peak temp at load up was 320, dropped and swung for a few hours, cracked the lid as needed to keep it above 250, so far pretty good.
    4 hours in I added the extra briq's at the stall @ 162*, and ran temp up to 325* to power thru the stall, no wrapping today, maximum bark-ness I hope.
    15 min later the pit temp dropped to 286 and was falling fast. Checked the pit and one of the hunks had fallen off hooks and was getting BBQ'ed cavemen style. A bit of panic mode and all was well, except some possible bark was now totally burned...dang!
    45 min later the temp jumped way up, 360 and climbing fast. Took a peek inside and found the other hunk dove into the dirt...er, coal bed. Flames were visible and trying to pick up the meat was damn near impossible due to the abundant smoke and flames. Had it half way out when it seperated into 2 pieces and dove back into the fire. Really hustling now, smoke billowing out of the barrel, flames leaping in earnest, meat burning away. Finally got a hold of them, but laid my arm up against the barrel and burnt the crap outta my tender under bicep area....Yow!!! Sensitive skin there, I tell ya!
    Got the hunk inside and removed the burnt areas, tossed 'em both on the grill rack and back in they went. Obviously my hook placement left something to be desired, seemed secure enough, but......
    Hit another stall I think, about 180*, opened up the rebar holes as I wasn't using them anymore and it appears I powered thru it and all looks good at 195*, almost time to remove and get to pulling the meat. Where's my Thermapen?

    I thought this was a boring "hobby"....


    That sounds all too familiar. As much as I love bark, I also love shorter cooks and not worrying about meat falling off the hooks...so I wrap most of my butts. I don't know about you, but sometimes I feel like the "exciting" cooks make better food...


      Rule # 1: Never let 'em See You Sweat! Welcome to the Pit, Dan


        Wow, that was an entertaining read! So far I haven't had any butts fall into the pit, but I probably just jinxed myself. Good luck going forward - I'm sure the meat was delicious whatever the route you took to get there.


          Wow! Yeah ain't nothing nothing boring about this... I myself have dropped a rack ribs into the fire two different times ouch lol!!! What are ya gonna do? Pick em up dust em off and get back in the saddle, that's what!

          Welcome Aboard by the way!


            My Dad always says an education is never cheap. Your learning. I have cooked a few pork butts on the PBC but I never tried to hang them. I just leave them on the grate for the whole cook. I turn them once. I have been happy w/ the results.


              Very entertaining story.


                Well, a happy ending to my tribulations. The pork came out rather nicely, but I had to sacrifice a good portion of blackened bark due to...well, it was blackened, burnt beyond edibility. Lil' chunks of charcoal and detritus adhering to the sides that made extended contact with "Mr. Kingsford", did not create an appetizing sight. But try it I did, and now I know what meat charcoal tastes like...
                My thanks to all of you who post their "adventures" with the PBC, and smoking in general. I would be still be struggling had I not found AR and all the info and techniques offered within. A very fun and supportive group, making the world a better place through food.
                Next up, gonna try me a Chuckie!


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                  Oh chuckie! You will ne astounded... Easily my fav pulled meat

                Right on smarkley! Love me some chuckie!

                Nice write up HKdude! Brought back wonderful memories!! I no longer hang butts. Just leave 'em sittin' on the rack!


                  Welcome HKdude. I had almost same kind of experience, but with rain in the mix. Glad it turned out.


                    I use kite string when I hang butts. When the cook is done, I just cut the string and remove.


                      Welcome to the Pit! and nice salvage job with those butts...



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