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Second Try at Ribs on PBC

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    Second Try at Ribs on PBC

    I have done ribs forever on my Webber, but I wanted to try on the PBC. My first attempt at ribs was a learning experience. And not all learning experiences go well...or are edible. But try try again.

    So went with spare ribs this time rather than baby backs. Went with a simple dry rub of salt, brown sugar, black pepper, paprika, nutmeg, sage, and a pinch of cayenne (my kid doesn't like to much heat, and these were by her request). Burn was just charcoal, no additional wood for smoke.

    First issue I ran into was the ribs were longer than my PBC. Rather than cut into two pieces, which, looking back, would have made more sense, I used my second set of hooks further back and curled them over at the top. What can I say, I panicked! Anyway, it worked out well.

    So about three hours to 195, put on some bourbon BBQ sauce, and back on to 203. They came out really well! Very juicy, great flavor, and pull off the bone tender. I had some coals left, so I cut up a pineapple and grilled it with just a little butter. There wasn't enough coals left to really get a good caramelization, so I should have dropped the grill grate lower, but they turned out pretty good as well.

    On the whole a good learning experience. Any suggestions from people who do ribs on the PBC would be great.

    (Sorry, photos are all mixed up. Sort of the Pulp Fiction of BBQ stories.)
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    Looks good. As long as I have enough hooks, I split in half. if I need the hooks, I do what you did and hook a few ribs down but don’t like doing that or how the ribs looks or stay bent.

    Now I only do spare ribs as I can’t find good baby backs around here. Just shiners or extra meaty ones that dry out. Takes me 3-4 hrs. I used the bend/toothpick test and once it passes that I glaze with sauce and put back on for ~10 min or so


      When I am doing ribs in the PBC, I always trim the last two ribs off the rack. Otherwise they will be too close to the fire. I hook those extras on their own.

      I like to daisy chain the hooks, then you only have to use two hooks to hang the ribs. I place the first hook about 3 bones down, then I put the second hook through the bottom part of the first hook and put the point of it through the 5th or 6th rib. (Depending on the rack.) This keeps them from falling in the fire. I have yet to loose a rack to the fire when I am doing this. Here are a few pics for reference.
      Click image for larger version

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      It looks like you killed it though, so maybe just keep doing what you are doing.


      • fzxdoc
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        Well said...


      • TimothyDee
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        Thanks for the idea on trimming the two ribs. I daisy-chain ribs as well, which was why I had the second set already in - rather than connecting to the first hooks I just hooked them to the crossbar!

      • Spinaker
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        You got it man. Not sure you needed the help as it looks like you did just fine.

      I think you done just fine,,,,,,
      Id eat’em fer sure


        Looking good! If a rack is longer than my arm from elbow to fingertip i cut it down and hang it separately. I daisy chain pork butts but not ribs. haven't lost a rack yet but maye i'm on borrowed time!


        • Greygoose
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          The only rack that I have lost was baby backs,,,,only 1/2
          The wife likes baby back,,,,,good thing she doesn’t eat a lot


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