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Say hello to #WhoDat1, Huge Insulated Cabinet Smoker

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    Say hello to #WhoDat1, Huge Insulated Cabinet Smoker

    Well, in case you didn't see earlier, I added smoker #, i think it's 5, to #theRibList family. It's a huge, insulated cabinet smoker, built by a guy in Houston. I brought it home last Saturday, and promptly gave it a Louisiana Baptism in New Orleans Saints #BlackAndGold.
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    The pit temperature control device that came with the pit was broken, so I took the time while I was waiting on the new fan to arrive to paint it, with the help of my brother. She came all painted up with Houston Texan's blue. I'm cool with the Texan's, but when we crossed the Sabine River, she needed to know where she now was, so we gave here the proper colors and a Fleur De Lis to go with it.

    The fan arrived, but the Chinese controller is not working properly. The fan doesn't slow down enough when the pit reaches temp, so I have to use the ball valve to throttle back the temp. So, my first real cooks today are not the best test. They were, however, quite fun!

    I cooked for the Widow's gathering at church today. I did S&G Chicken for them 2 months ago, and today's them was a Hawaiian Luau, so it was the all Pig Channel. #WhoDat Ribs (St. Louis cut with Generous amounts of Memphis Dust), grilled pork tenderloin, and grilled pineapple. They LOVE IT!
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    I have 3 practice brisket's wet-aging in the cooler, and I trimmed the first one and put it on about 1 am last night. Just Salt and Pepper, fat side down, target temp of 250. I also put on a rack of ribs at 9 pm, planning to pull them about 3.
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    I snoozed that alarm and when I got up at 5:30, the pit was almost at 300 and the ribs were gone - heavily dried out, burnt ribs. I haven't thrown away a rack of ribs yet...this was the first.

    No worries, the 5 new racks to serve the ladies, and I throttled back the ball valve to get the temps lower. The ladies loved the ribs. They were a bit overdone. I'm used to 6 good hours on my WSM at 225. These rack were kind of thin, and they had been refrozen, so they were more dry, but the guests didn't know the better. They ate them all.

    The brisket stayed on. Here is it when I wrapped it at 12:20, about 12 hours in. The flat was at 180 when I wrapped in butcher paper.
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    I had to leave to go mind the store, and when I did, the pit temps fell to about 175, so the brisket basically just rested at that non-quite-done temp while I was gone. I knew this would be bad for moisture when I eventually did eat this sucker.

    I cranked the heat up when I got back about 4, 280ish, and let her go.Click image for larger version

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    I did bring home some Lone Star when I went to pick her up. It's what Aaron Franklin drinks watching the pit sometimes, I hear.

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    It hit 203ish about 5, and she started resting in the sunlight.

    We also put on some chicken. Here's the up close version...
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    And the pulled back view. There are 5 racks in the top, and 2 in the bottom. Each rack is 36 x 24. If you are adding it up, that's 30 square feet above the firebox, and another 18 feet on the two bottom racks (about 50 degrees lower temp down there). Wrapped water pans are sitting on the smoke manifold from the firebox. Click image for larger version

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    Next up, the first slices!!!!
    Attached Files

    Like I mentioned earlier, I had to leave a couple times today, to serve the Widows and go to my laundry, so I was slow to wrap (at nearly 12 hours), and the temps got too high at times, then sat under 200 for a few hours after I wrapped. So my expectations were that the flat would be overcooked and dry. This is a Wal-Mart Texan Excel Choice, 13.7 pounds before trimming, wet aging about 2 weeks. No injection, no dry bring. 1/4 inch fat cap trim, cooked fat side down. Kingsford Blue Bag with Apple chunks mixed in the charcoal chute (cooked ribs first).

    Click image for larger version

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    Sure enough, the exterior was crusty, both from the higher temps (300 while I was feeding the Widows, at hours 9-11 of the cook), and the extended time (when the temp fell below 200 at hours 12-15 of the cook), and the flat was dry.
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    Did I mention yet that I bought a Brisket Sword? The 14" Wustof Brisket Slicer!!! IT CUT LIKE A DREAM!!!!
    Click image for larger version

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    The Point is why I cook Brisket! And even overcooked, the Point was good!
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    I was surprised by the Lack of Smoke Ring? We have a well ventilated charcoal fire, with wood chunks, an ice cold brisket put on with a water pan. I deviated from my normal by NOT putting on an oil slather before the rub...maybe that lack of moisture on the meat itself caused the change? I'm accustomed to beautiful, dark rings both from my WSM and my stick-burner. I have 2 more practice brisket's to cook. Hopefully I'll learn more and more. The one I cook tomorrow will definately have oil slather. Let's see if that helps.

    I'm buying a new Pit Temp Control Device Monday. I'm cooking Brisket for 120 people on Thursday, and it would be great to have the pit temp's be spot on for that cook!

    I'm thinking CyberQ Wifi from BBQGuru.com, or Stoker from RockBarbque.com. They guy I bought the pit from has the Stoker, because it can control more than one pit at a time. (That's what I'm talking about! Fire up ALL our #theRibList smokers at once!)

    This is super fun!!!!


    • richinlbrg
      richinlbrg commented
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      You, sir, are I for YEARS of fun with that thing!! And MANY are in for good eats!


    That's going to be a great rig when you get all dialed in. But Lone Star beer, really? Need some Blackened Voodoo Lager - do they still brew that? Or Abita. Geaux Saints!


    • PaulstheRibList
      PaulstheRibList commented
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      Well, it was a tip of the hat to Texas, where my Bride hails from, where Brisket cooking is at its Zenith, and where I've bought my last 2 pits.


    • The Burn
      The Burn commented
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      That's okay :-) I went to UT-Austin and lived in Dallas, and lived in New Orleans for law school in between (with my Dad and his wife living in LaPlace). When it comes to food, my 3 favorite cuisines are BBQ, Tex-Mex and Cajun. At least I've learned to make good BBQ - I really miss authentic Tex-Mex and a good crawfish boil or etoufee

    • PaulstheRibList
      PaulstheRibList commented
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      @The_Burn, those are 3 great food categories! My wife is from Central Texas, and Loves Tex-Mex! Cajun food is so great. and thanks to AmazingRibs, our BBQ is getting better and better!

    Wow... Paul, just wow!

    thanks for the details!


    • PaulstheRibList
      PaulstheRibList commented
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      smarkley, I can't wait to master the wow on this little-bitty cooker!

      I'm thinking we should do a huge job and stuff this bad boy with Butts...maybe 30-40 of them in there?

    • smarkley
      smarkley commented
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      It would be a feast worth remembering, no doubt!

    Paul = #myhero!


      Looks awesome, that brisket looked really good. My last one didn't have a smoke ring either, it was weird, I cooked like all my others and nothing.

      Paint job looks great, and I could use one of those swords.

      Lone Star is ok, Abita is what my wife drinks, I like all of the Shiner's except that Ruby Red Grapefruit abomination they had a year or two ago.



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