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Myron Mixon RFG-60 or RFG-72... any users?

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    Myron Mixon RFG-60 or RFG-72... any users?

    I am really leaning toward one of the Myron Mixon gravity smokers specifically the RFG-60.

    Anyone using one that can post some thoughts, photos, pros and cons.

    I love the thought of the shape and size but never cooked on one or eaten food cooked on one so a bit hesitant.

    Thanks in advance


    Wow, a lot of capacity, a lot of weight but $9300 with a 14" x 7" firebox seems very high to me for the smaller one. $11900 for the larger one. Way out of my league, good luck if this is your choice.


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      @redwing thanks for the comment. I agree on the price, but every time I buy one, I quickly outgrow it. Hoping something his size would kill that but curious to see if it would be pointless for those 2 briskets, 2 pork butt, or 3-6 racks of ribs days. Any of those cooks force me into 2 cooker territory where I light up the Weber Kettle and SNS Kamado.

    Max Good any chance these are lined up in your queue or do you think they too new or bad value that there is no information available. Sorry for the shout out but hoping you had some insight and I know there is lots of activity on this site daily!


    I'm a strong believer in bigger is better and buy once, cry once.
    I purchased a large insulated cabinet from LSG for those times when I cook big which is just every so often. Is it a waste to fire it up for 1 pork butt? I think not.
    Go for it.



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