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I love it when this happens (coffee)....

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    I don’t know, Mama gets up at 4:30am and makes it. French roast something or other. Grinds whole beans. By the time I stumble to it with my Yeti I’m just glad the pot hasn’t turned off yet and it’s still hot !!


      We grind our own beans, but brew the result in a Mr Coffee-type drip machine. We were drinking BJ's brand Vista Rican for a number of years until they stopped selling it by us. We then tried out a few different varieties before settling on the French Roast. We tend to brew it extra-strong because we're drink it with half and half or light cream.


        Only Peet's coffee. Ground fresh in a bur grinder. Brewed in my Technivorm Mochamaster. Perfect everytime


          To clear matters up, I drink coffee. I make coffee. I roast coffee. I grind coffee. I open instant jars, yessir. I roast, grind & drink Turkish coffee. I make cowboy coffee, especially when I’m campin. Make it at home to. I have two packets of coffee/ganoderma lucidum almost daily. If there is a way & it’s a bean & it’s brown & smells like coffee I’m drinkin it, with no junk in it either, which means no cream, sugar, sweetener or catsup.


            I've been drinking coffee since I was a teenager, but really got into it while in college. I drank it with cream and sugar until I had a part time job at a dry cleaners, where they provided the coffee and fixings, but the creamer was "No Name Brand" (actually a brand at the time!) non-dairy powdered creamer, that just clumped and never dissolved. That was when I started drinking my coffee black. A couple of years later, I was working at IBM, and the break room always had coffee, and it was the only thing "free" I could drink, and working some long hours, I drank coffee all day long. A bad habit I've never gotten out of!

            A decade or so ago, I had a job downtown on the square in Huntsville, and a fabulous coffee roaster that has been there since the 1970's was a block from my office, and I became a true coffee snob. I've not been able to go back to mass market coffee ever since. I do have a pump espresso machine (Delonghi), a drip coffee maker and a French press. And a Keureg as well, for the occasional cup, mostly for SWMBO, who fills it with cream and sugar and can't tell the coffee from those is bad anyway. I've got a burr mill for when I want to make espresso. I also make cold brew in the summers, for my afternoon coffee, and started early on the cold brew iced coffee today, as I am sipping it from an insulated cup right now. I'll drink another cup or two this afternoon, but stop after dinner.

            Lately SWMBO has been on a kick that all coffee must be organic. Interestingly, that is actually hard to find, because most small coffee growers just cannot afford the $3-4k that it costs to get your crop certified organic. I've read articles on the subject that tell me that much coffee meets organic standards, but just cannot afford to be certified. Who knows the truth of it, but I'll get organic beans or ground coffee if I find it, for her. If I can't, I get coffee I like, and just make the coffee anyway, without showing the bag to SWMBO... sneaky I know!

            Funny thing is - I hate ANYTHING in my hot coffee, and hate flavored coffee in general. But if I am drinking it iced, I want cream and sugar in it. Not sure why.


              Update to my post. Mama just walked in with this thing. Says we're going to get serious about these new fangled coffees called espresso and cappuccino. Also heard mention of latte? Anyway, just wondering if any of you caffeine snobs have a comment on these fufu brews?

              I'm personally leaning toward this, right up my alley....


              • jfmorris
                jfmorris commented
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                I thought you had a plan to use the Weber 26" to cook everything this year. I think you need a camp stove percolator running over charcoal....

              • Troutman
                Troutman commented
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                So far the 26” is doing the job. Got a brisket cook coming up on it with some grilling this weekend. Works for me, no one here to cook for anyway.

              • crazytown3
                crazytown3 commented
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                This may reveal more about my unsophisticated palate, but I think 7-11 coffee has some great coffee.


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