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Yes, I'm an Aaron Franklin fan

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    Yes, I'm an Aaron Franklin fan

    Saw this on Google's daily news brief and thought you'd enjoy.


    I've stood in line twice for his grub. Worth the wait, but go early and bring a chair.

    Cool article! thanks for posting. This is defiantly on my bucket list!! I like that link to see all of the quick facts. 650,000 lbs of meat in one year!!!


      fun post. figured $300 could get you a line jump.


        I'd do it if it weren't the other end of the country from me. I like him and respect his amazing work ethic. He deserves every ounce of success he has.


        • Beefchop
          Beefchop commented
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          That kind of success doesn't come easy! Up before dawn every day, constantly working a hot fire, dealing with hungry customers and Texas heat...

        I am in the middle of reading his book right now. I thought it was just a cook book but the first few chapters cover his history, technique, etc. Great read and lots of respect for him! I hope to visit sometime soon. Austin isn't too far from me!


          It was on my bucket list too, but I never thought I'd get there. Then our son moved to Austin.

          It was great - best brisket I have had, but there are too many great BBQ joints in the area for me to go back - unless our son stays in Austin a long time...

          I reported on my experience here.
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            Any more info about him coming out with a line of off set smokers this year?


            • DWCowles
              DWCowles commented
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              Haven't heard nothing!

            I actually did the line too and did enjoy Franklin's a lot. Alas, we never got to see him. I did appreciate a lot that he sold his bottled sauces for about half of what most joints sell 'em for (three for $10). I wouldn't go back as long lines and waits are something I don't like to do, though this was a unique experience and the beer sales (plus umbrella use for free !) for those in line were a real nice touch. Lot's of friendly Q-ers to chat with. We also enjoyed Cooper's in Llano, the Salt Lick near Austin, and Black's in Lockhart, plus a couple of lesser places. I think Black's was my fave, especially the dino rib. I think a tour of the "big three" in Lockhart would be a great way to spend a day.


              I just did this last Tuesday and it was a lot of fun. Franklin wasn't there at first, but much like Beetlejuice someone must of said his name 3 times and poof – there he be. I asked him about the rumor going around online about him working on his own line of smokers – he confirmed it, that's where he was working before coming in to the restaurant.

              Here's a few photos of the experience as well as destroying a 1.5lb beef rib down the street at Mikelthwait's.

              The line at 9:30am on a nice, mildly raining Tuesday.

              Click image for larger version

Name:	DSCN8451.JPG
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Size:	270.4 KB
ID:	306329Click image for larger version

Name:	IMG_20170411_100034546.jpg
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Size:	152.6 KB
ID:	306330

              1lb of Prime Angus Brisket tender goodness, and 1lb of pork ribs are being raped and pillaged:

              Click image for larger version

Name:	IMG_20170411_124338395_HDR.jpg
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Size:	312.8 KB
ID:	306331

              Head shot of Franklin defacing my meat manifesto....

              Click image for larger version

Name:	IMG_20170411_125759807.jpg
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Size:	160.5 KB
ID:	306332

              Meanwhile, just down the street a bit a day or two later:

              Click image for larger version

Name:	IMG_20170413_122845658_HDR.jpg
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Size:	335.4 KB
ID:	306333Click image for larger version

Name:	IMG_20170413_122840167_HDR.jpg
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ID:	306334
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              • Spinaker
                Spinaker commented
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                Very cool! Thanks for sharing. That is awesome you got to meet the legend!

              • Ernest
                Ernest commented
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                I think Micklethwait is actually better than Franklins. There I said it.

              • kill2grill
                kill2grill commented
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                LOL - Ernest that's what one of the locals felt too! Micklethwait's beef rib was a thing of beauty – regretfully, I was unable to stomach another slab-o-brisket to compare against Franklins. Next time I happen to be in Austin I will fast for a few days so that a comparison can be made.

              Agreed. He was very friendly and the restaurant was run like if you had a love child between a machine and Craig Ferguson. Efficient yet personable.


                I bought the book after being on this site and seeing a few videos. This one gives a good insight of the work involved in good Q. ...


                  He is amazing. Everyone should read his book. I found it very inspiring. I haven't had a chance to visit his place yet, but have used his recipes and watched all of his videos. I did have La BBQ when I was in Austin, it was very good but I cannot compare.


                    had a fire there....


                      Watching the Dallas News stations apparently there was a fire at his location (apparently started in one of the smokers area) and I think they said 100's of thousands of dollars in damage could be a while before they get back up and going??


                      • RonB
                        RonB commented
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                        That just means the lines are shorter now.

                      • GadjetGriller
                        GadjetGriller commented
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                        Hmmm wonder if he still has his food truck??

                      Book is a good read. Little secret - you can pre-order whole briskets to take home with you and skip the line. You just can't sit down and eat it there though. They cryovac them and offer to sell you a little cooler bag if you want. I literally took one back with me to Chicago in my carry on. I was a little worried going through security and let TSA know I had a brisket in my bag. They were like, dude - no big deal we see it all the time!



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