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    BBQ in PDX

    Well, there was nothing in this topic, so I'm adding one. I would like to submit Padnah's Pit BBQ as one of the best in town. They are "Texas style" and have great brisket. However, they have mighty fine pulled pork and ribs as well. They also have several sauces (including a vinegar sauce) that are great. Give them a try.

    I also like Russell Street BBQ a lot! However, they are maybe not quite as "traditional", using electric smokers for some of the cooking. I don't really care, as the food is great, especially the pulled pork and greens. And BB ribs on the side. Yum.

    Portland? Also, there is a forum just for restaurants on the main pit page. Its towards the bottom. I'm sure they are always looking for new entries for the list. I always like hearing about places from around the country. Welcome to The Pit!!
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    • Huskee
      Huskee commented
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      "Upper left" big LOL.

    • BruceB
      BruceB commented
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      "Upper Left" is how we refer to it! Or, more specifically, the "other" Washington.

    • Spinaker
      Spinaker commented
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      I've got a buddy that works for the forestry service in Washington state. Thats how he always refers to it.

    I don't know about Portland Proper, but there are several Buster's BBQ's around the state that are really good, and Bo-Macks in Albany is a hit. Run by a really nice family. Very family friendly.


    • Steve.Cleveland
      Steve.Cleveland commented
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      I second Bo-Macks. They just moved to an old gas station on the freeway. It's mainly a drive-thru place now, no inside seating. Picnic tables during the summer. Food is as good as ever though. Chicken, ribs, brisket, pulled pork and sausage. You get them all in what they call 'the wagon wheel'. Enough to feed two hungry people.

    • Northwest_Rich
      Northwest_Rich commented
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      Busters is pretty darn good. Especially like their brisket. We will stop and grab a big ole container of the brisket and then head out on the Columbia River and make brisket sandwiches while we tell tall tales of fishing and enjoy the best scenery on the planet. New member here, but look forward to all the great BBQ and Grill'n information.

    We just discovered The Hole in the Wall in Springfield. Outstanding! There is one in Eugene as well. Pretty darn good brisket, smoked prime rib and potato salad. The coleslaw was just OK. We will be back to investigate further. The waitress didn't steer us wrong and said we should really try breakfast there. It looks really good.


      Boy am I glad to find a place for discussing barbecue in Oregon! Reverend's Barbecue in Southeast Portland is pretty good. Not the best I've ever eaten, and not quite as good as Podnah's, but really worth a try.


        On the merits of their brisket I generally prefer Reverend's to Podnah's but they are both at the top of the heap in the Portland area, very good but not great. Reverend's uses locally-sourced brisket (it is run by the same folks as Laurelhurst Market), Podnah's uses Creekstone Farms.

        One criticism I have of both places is they seem to try to be vaguely Southern but they fall short of having either
        a) traditional menus
        b) interesting menus
        It's cool you can get brisket with collard greens and beignets but it's neither authentic nor very interesting.

        Because those places are not great, and also because they are too far from my house on the west side, and also because I do not like hosting events at my house, I am thinking of opening a barbecue restaurant on the west side of Portland. I have been trying this menu out on brisket-loving friends, family and strangers out walking their dogs with lots of good feedback, best brisket in town and whatnot. I like the menu because it is both traditional and interesting. The cole slaw is seasonal.


        • mhalbrook
          mhalbrook commented
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          TRUCK! It's Portland, you need a food truck :P

        • (fuzz)
          (fuzz) commented
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          Ray I really wanted this place http://www.loopnet.com/Listing/18924...d-Portland-OR/ which, as you can see, is still listed is available. But it turns out it has already been leased to a medical marijuana dispensary, "Stone Age Pharmacy," so I am looking around for something similar.

        • Ray
          Ray commented
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          (fuzz) I can see why you like that building and location. Easy access and available parking; hopefully something else as well-suited will show up for you!

        Originally posted by AN89AG View Post
        Well, there was nothing in this topic, so I'm adding one. I would like to submit Padnah's Pit BBQ as one of the best in town. They are "Texas style" and have great brisket. However, they have mighty fine pulled pork and ribs as well. They also have several sauces (including a vinegar sauce) that are great. Give them a try.
        Never been there, but I work for New Seasons and we sell their sauces. Surprised that they're Texas style, because they make a pretty darn good Mustard based sauce. Not big on their other sauces, but their mustard is good. Over here north of the river, we have Goldies which is pretty good, but he was better when he was "on the side of the road" by the Shell station.


          I love Padnah's Pit; best brisket I've had in Oregon. Pine Shed Ribs in Lake Oswego is great too!


            I like the People's Pig and Matt's BBQ (food cart). On my list to try is Reo's Ribs if would stop burning down.

            Here are some pork belly burnt ends from the Back Alley BBQ food cart.

            Click image for larger version

Name:	20210114_183509_3.jpg
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            • Stuey1515
              Stuey1515 commented
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              Haha great shot with the dog, I bet he/she could nearly lick those burnt ends from there

            Go PDX BBQ. Busters has been around for like ever, and Famous Dave's both close to PDX.


              Peoples Pig is one of my favorites! Their Cubano sandwich is crazy good. Use to go there just for their smoked fried chicken and jojos. I do like Busters as well because they have been consistently turning out decent Texas style BBQ for years. They don't get much love from the BBQ world in PDX for some reason but they have been around longer than most in the Portland area.

              Another good one that hasn't been mentioned is Slicks Big Time BBQ in Wilsonville. He uses a commercial Traeger and turns out some good BBQ.

              Matt's BBQ is pretty good as well but I wish he trimmed his brisket a little. Last time I was there it was mostly fat. It is tender and juicy though!


                Matt's BBQ from yesterday.

                Click image for larger version

Name:	FaKft3gjX9jAGdcGLf9h1AyC7Dvc4jXFPOf6ho6X7AaJGY2UzedY-d4Mm72cfzCR0YrNjmujgGmedgCmM7kFO1OlCR3jzSqurBEHpH797egkfn4fy2P0zUOfM4bdzuQP--fSLAumn6L7-nbq9Pv29Gr4kfxaba4DaxJN_YRXg37j-gv8DqItRKQ-AkQgvDe3LRDoXGpDH1TERimNGAuBt0CpDRkGFdupnDRkSXJhjlgxWV6vfBfJafTyckaTlzS
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                  Matt’s BBQ is really good! So are his bbq breakfast tacos. I really liked Slabtown BBQ while they were around. Tim King put out some really good Q!


                  • Attjack
                    Attjack commented
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                    I haven't tried the tacos yet. It's on my list.

                  We went to Busters this past weekend while out doing some errands. I was sadly disappointed in their brisket. It was on the drier and tougher side and not a lot of flavor. We've had food there before and it was decent. I did like their catfish and thought it was pretty tasty.

                  There's a food truck out here in Columbia County in St. Helens that has pretty decent BBQ. It is called Barn Fire. A friend of ours has also done some smoking and serving for charity events and his brisket and pulled pork are pretty darn good! He was doing a food truck through the summer, not sure if he's still doing much. He's started marketing his own BBQ sauces too. 🙂


                  • SmokeyNate
                    SmokeyNate commented
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                    tamidw I have been to Busters probably a hundred times and have learned to ask for "juicy brisket" when ordering. They will cut it off the point and its usually very juicy. You might give it a try. I have had some really dry portions off of the flat there for sure.

                  • tamidw
                    tamidw commented
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                    Next time we're down that way, I may have to do that. The closest one is down in Tualatin area and that's over an hour drive from us. Thanks for the tip.

                  Holy Trinity BBQ Matt's BBQ
                  Bark City

                  ​​​​​​All of these are absolutely fantastic and as good as you would find anywhere in the country.



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