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Dinosaur BBQ - Syracuse (and Rochester, Troy, Manhattan)

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    Dinosaur BBQ - Syracuse (and Rochester, Troy, Manhattan)

    Any time I'm going to pass through Syracuse, I try to make sure I'm hungry when I get there. Best brisket I've ever had!1 This was also the first place that made me understand why you wouldn't want sauce on your pulled pork sandwich. Great place for blues, too!

    1It should be noted that I've never been to Texas

    I've been there on biz trips out east. Good Que & I would go back. My only negative is the prices are a bit high. 2 meat, 2 sides and ice tea will be about $10 here in San Antonio, TX.... I want to say at this place the same was $15-$17.


    • bocefuss
      bocefuss commented
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      Sorry Keith, I didn't mean to upset you.... I will expand on my comments. Prices are higher in the Northeast, thanks JPP for your support. I should have said in general food is more expensive instead of focusing on BBQ. In general, restaurant prices are just more expensive in the Northeast from my travel experience. Everything from BBQ to steaks to seafood to burgers to Mexican food. I understand why... cost of living is just more there... So, please again, accept my apology. If you're in SA, please let me know and I'll treat you to good food...

    • _Keith
      _Keith commented
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      You didn't upset me, and I don't know why you think you did. I specifically said that my post was meant entirely in fun. But I appreciate your not getting upset in return

    • Martin
      Martin commented
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      yeah....welcome to NY State. Everything costs more here. But you're right. Dinosaur is the top spot in the Syracuse area.

    Is the place in the link below? Top right pic of the dude with all the pork shoulders.

    This easy pulled pork recipe skips the slow cooker to create authentic low-and-slow smoked pulled pork on a smoker or grill. With smoke woven through the moist meat, bits of seasoned crust, and a gentle splash of BBQ sauce, pulled pork is perfect for your next backyard cookout.


    • _Keith
      _Keith commented
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      The same Dinosaur BBQ, yes. Dinosaur is why I don't bother trying to make my own brisket anymore. That and I have to have *something* I can order at a BBQ joint without thinking "mine is better".

    A great place. I work about a block and half from the downtown Rochester location. I've had some undercooked ribs on occasion but generally everything is spot on. And with Blues and a huge selection of beer, it's hard to go wrong!


    • Mr. Bones
      Mr. Bones commented
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      Agreed! I used to have a weekly house band gig at a place called Blues, Brews, and Barbecue. Hard combination to beat!

    Just FYI, there is now a Dinosaur in Brooklyn as well. There's better brisket to be had in both Brooklyn and Manhattan, but Dinosaur still a favorite.


    • EdF
      EdF commented
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      What are your reco's for Manhattan?

    We always make it a point to stop off in Rochester location when in the area. Great food. Best mac and cheese.


      Just found out we're getting a Dinosaur in Baltimore. Not gonna lie, we're pretty excited. But my mac and cheese is better.


      • Ricky Good Times
        Ricky Good Times commented
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        Sorry I meant best restaurant mac and cheese. I'm sure Keith's is better. Any chance of seeing your recipe with Meathead type instructions for us non culinary types? Luv to compare.

      • _Keith
        _Keith commented
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        I'll post it over in the sides recipe section.

      • IrondeQuer
        IrondeQuer commented
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        You can find the Dinosaur mac and cheese recipe online. I'm not sure if it's authentic but it's damn good! It's the first of the sides to disappear every 4th of July.

      Dinosaur bottled sauce is why I rarely make my own sauce anymore. It's that good, especially on chicken.


        I have recently visited Buffalo, and tried Dinosaur in the downtown district...The Brisket was ok, but the ribs were an awesome bite ! Next time i am back there Ill be getting a full rack instead of the sampler !


        • scottranda
          scottranda commented
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          Yep, I went to this location too. Pulled pork was also superb. And the crispy cole slaw!

        Love their sauces. I suggested one to somebody for a challenge a while back. Their book was the first BBQ book I ever had.


          Used to go to the original one in SoreExcuse, back when it was the only one. It was better, back in the day. The more they branched out and diversified, the more watered down they seemed to get. Still damned good, but now that I'm making my own, I usually don't bother dealing with the crowd. Plus, there really isn't anything compelling to get me to go downtown.


            I had too many shots of jager with John from Dinosaur in Tokyo a few years back. Good dude, good barbecue.


              We stopped in Syracuse for Dinosaur today, we were on our way home from Niagara Falls.

              The brisket was good, but mine is better.

              The pulled pork was excellent, about the same as mine.

              The ribs were incredible, way, way better than mine, in fact some of the best ribs I've ever had. The glaze was perfect, the fat was crispy and fatty, and they left the tips on the St Looie cuts.

              The beans and slaw were excellent sides.

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                I went to the one in Syracuse a few years ago. It was pretty good. But it is pricy.


                  I got Dinosaurs cook book about 15 years ago. It was the first BBQ book I ever had. Its kinda what linked my love of fire 🔥 and BBQ.🍗
                  I still love making the "Mutha Sauce"



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