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Meat Your Maker!....Chamber Vacuum sealer

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    Meat Your Maker!....Chamber Vacuum sealer

    So I took a chance and just purchased a New to market MEAT brand chamber vacuum sealer and thought I would share some info. Made with meat uses direct to consumer marketing to sell at a lower cost, and they claim to have a limited lifetime warranty as long as it is not used for commercial use.
    So far I am very pleased with how well built and quiet it is and compared to my FoodSaver, I love how much better it seals the bags with a wide 5mmm seal bar and the cost of pre made bags are about $0.05 each which are a considerable savings. These are distributed through AOB Products Company.
    Some specs:
    Internal dimensions for our Chamber Sealer are: (11.81” x 13.78” x 4”)
    Maximum Bag Width is 300mm (11.81”)
    Sealing Width – 5mm
    External dimensions for our Chamber Sealer are: (16.73”x 14.17” x 14”)
    Weight is approx. 65lbs
    Motor: 950W w/oil pump
    The pump is a rotary screw style pump
    Sealing bar, 300mm (11.81”)
    $699.99 sale price $594.99 currently out of stock

    Click image for larger version

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    That looks like quite the sealer .. especially for that price!!


      I’ve been eyeing their stuff since they showed up on social media a couple months ago. Glad to hear your positive experience!


      • Powersmoke_80
        Powersmoke_80 commented
        Editing a comment
        Time will tell, I am a little nervous about replacement parts since it does not list them as being able to purchase but it is supposed to be a limited lifetime warranty. Webstaurant has parts and pumps that looks similar so we shall see.

      Not heard of them. Looks great and a great price for a chamber sealer.


        A little pricey for me. Looks like a beast of a machine though.


          That is a good price, it looks like the VACPAK-IT model. You're going to enjoy it. Where are you keeping it? I have a rolling cart for mine so as not to take up counter space and move it out of the way when not using it.


          • Uncle Bob
            Uncle Bob commented
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            You are correct CN, it looks very much like my Vacpak-it. Same louver layout, same chamber pan and lid, guts look very similar, and the control panel layout is the same with different graphic presentation. Specs and measurements are slightly different, but within "margin of error/interpretation".

          • Powersmoke_80
            Powersmoke_80 commented
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            ComfortablyNumb yes similar to VACPAK-IT but chamber is a little wider with an 11-5/8 seal bar vs 10-1/4,so will be able to seal 11" bags which is nice since I have rolls of 11" bag material from my FoodSaver. MEAT also has a bigger motor and pump that is a rotary oil pump vs dry pump in Vacpak-it. I think an oil pump will outlast a dry pump IMO. currently I have it sitting on a small cupboard between the stove and corner garage, so not really in the way yet but a cart may be an option, thanks.
            Last edited by Powersmoke_80; December 14, 2020, 01:08 PM.

          • Uncle Bob
            Uncle Bob commented
            Editing a comment
            Powersmoke_80, the Vacpak-it also has an oil pump version, which is the preferred vacuum pump as you say, and it has 1000w motor/pump. Also that bar measurement is somewhat flexible in reality as the Vackpak-it is actually 10 5/8 which works great on the 11 inch FS bag since the outer edges are sealed already by over 1/2" total. This is not to degrade your machine, which appears to be a good buy, but merely to demonstrate that the numbers all these manufacturers have are "flexible".

          Uncle Bob Thanks for that information, I get what you’re saying about the bag width 👍


            Are these just used to preserve food or are they useful in some technique of food prep. I seem to recall that Nathan Myhrvold (spelling?) had something in Modernist Cuisine about it them a few years ago.


            • Powersmoke_80
              Powersmoke_80 commented
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              Mainly for preserving, and packaging food to cook Sous Vide, Also used for quick pickling.

            It looks expensive compared to your average FoodSaver, but when I think about what I spend on bags, this thing might just end up being a good bargain. Thanks for sharing!



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