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Trying to decide whether to buy a Sous Vide

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    Trying to decide whether to buy a Sous Vide

    Am contemplating the Sous Vide sale at Costco. Anova Sous Vide Precision Cooker Kit | Costco

    Would appreciate input from those who have a Sous Vide.

    How often do you use it?

    What are the top 3 things you use it for?

    Should I give in and buy this or put the money towards a prime brisket online?

    I'm in for the prime brisket!


      I don't use mine much but I definitely ain't getting rid of it, ever.

      Creme Brulee, Thick Pork Chops, Tri-Tip, Chuck Roast Ribeye, Baby carrots.....


        Yes buy for sure. Chicken Breasts, Bone in Chicken, Boneless Pork Chops, Tri Tip, and more!
        I've only done it once but a SV Burger for those that don't want it over done is wonderful!
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          Steak, chicken , pork butt, and brisket. Any meat you can fit in a freezer bag! More importantly, it lets you cook for different situations with no stress. If you are not great at cooking meats that taste best in a narrow temp range, you can solve for that too.

          Want to have 7 steaks ready for searing at the same time? Done.

          Want to have pork butt ready for 3pm service without staying up all night? Done.

          Want to have a nice dinner ready for 5pm and avoid worrying about the meat not being ready? Done.


            I use mine whenever I make steak or chicken breasts. Haven’t quite built up the courage to try it on brisket or to poach eggs.


              I have this kit (although purchased separately) and it is great, does an amazing job on proteins including delicate fish, but don't ignore the veggies. Corn on the Cob and carrots are two of my favourites. The container is quite large so I tend to use a smaller container a lot of times as I don't need the volume. If you decide to do fish I have had the best luck by cutting my bag on three sides before removing the delicate fish for a sear (some times I don't sear fish)


              • klflowers
                klflowers commented
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                Ditto on corn on the cob and carrots

              I use mine about one or two times a month in warmer months. Double that at least in the colder months. When I use it, I love it. Would not give it up. If it broke, I would buy another one.


                My insta-pot has a sous vide setting, just may have to give it a try.


                • SheilaAnn
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                • Bkhuna
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                  The instant pot function isn't true sous vide because there is no circulation of the water. You don't get the precise control and even distribution of heat in the water.

                • bbqLuv
                  bbqLuv commented
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                  Bkhuna True as that may be, it is a starting place to "try it you'll like it". I thought about that myself. Perhaps that is why to try I have not.

                Do you NEED one? Nah. Is it really nice for some things? yeah.

                The two advantages of SV are very precise temps and very consistent temps.

                The precision means that you can do some things that you cannot do conventionally - nailing a perfect doneness for eggs where the yolk get just to custardy but not more. cooking chicken breast to precisely the doneness you like for chicken salad.

                The consistent temps mean you can toss a steak/chop/chicken breast in and having it hit a perfect doneness and then not having to worry about carryover heat. It also means you can do the kind of thing above with brisket etc.

                So my question would be why you are thinking of getting one? If you don't have a use for it, it's easy to just not use it and then feel ike you've wasted the money.


                • jlazar
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                  I smoke on a Chubby G2. When I do, I usually do large amount and vacuum seal/freeze. The sous vide would be for reheating items from the freezer. But I also wanted to know how others used theirs. Cooking steak before searing in one I am well aware of. But was curious as to other ways folks used theirs. Why - MCS and the price is good.

                • rickgregory
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                  jlazar - I mined this bunch of articles when I first got into it. I'd say get it if you look over these articles and think to yourself "that sounds cool" to some of them.

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                • jlazar
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                It is a great tool to have in your arsenal. Mine usually gets used couple of times a week.

                Things you should make with it:
                1. Medium rare chuck roast
                2. Chicken breast
                3. Thick cut pork chops
                4. Garlic and rosemary mashed potatoes
                Should you buy it over an expensive brisket? I say yes because having the sous vide will open up a whole new type of cooking to you. To me, that is worth more than one brisket.


                  Yes. It’s a great tool to have.

                  it’s great when you have frozen steaks, chops or chicken breast. I work from home, so it’s nice to throw whatever in to the hot tub and not have to worry about it. Heck, I even had a chuck roast in the tub for 3 days while I was out of town and could monitor it through the app.

                  A few other items I’ve cooked that aren’t listed above are eggs, salmon - Jerod did mention carrots. They are great done this way. Also have a friend that has made custard, and also been told bacon done SV is the best of both worlds. Chewiness and then finished in the skillet on one side to get some crispiness.

                  It’s fun to use and is helpful to use depending on your schedule.


                    Buy the sous vide machine. Many reasons have already been stated above and you will discover more as you use it. It will be a tool in your arsenal you can use over and over again. The brisket, no matter the quality or the perfection of your cook, will be a fleeting memory soon past.


                      Use: once or twice a month

                      Favorites: the creme brulee done in jars in the sous vide came out fantastically different than via traditional oven method. Definitely a keeper.

                      We like having it as an option in the cooking arsenal

                      I believe SAM'S has the same Anova kit for about $50 less than the Costco sale price.


                        I bought this kit last week. It was a great purchase for me. I’ve done chicken thighs for Indian dishes, perfect poached eggs, and a leg of lamb. I’ve got salmon for tomorrow and ribs for the weekend. Connecting the cooker to your wifi allows the app to monitor or control the cooker from anywhere from your phone within service. It does take some time to get used to the app however. The tub is 16L and takes up a good chunk of counter space. It takes a while for that much water to heat up. That much hot water for hours also heats the room to my surprise. You can use a smaller pot if you’re doing a smaller cook. A coworker also reminded me to leave the water since it’s not in contact with the food and use it to water plants when I felt it needed changing. I don’t plan on using it all the time, but it will have a regular rotation in my kitchen.



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