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    You mention being pretty much settled on a Dexter Russell. I went back and checked out what ATK (who recommend "with reservations") had to say about them:

    "One of the largest models in our testing, this traditional-looking, blade-heavy cleaver was too big and unwieldy to use comfortably or accurately, wedging (not cutting) through squash and making uneven slices of roast duck. Its blade was sharp but didn’t always feel that way, thanks to a thick edge. And while we liked the grippiness of its handle, its ergonomic bumps and large bolster limited our grip options. Testers and butchers agreed: Unless you break down whole animals in your spare time, this knife is overkill."

    Model Number: S5387PCP
    Weight: 1 lb 4 oz
    Edge angle: 20°
    Blade height: 4 in
    Blade length: 7.25 in
    Handle length: 4.5 in
    Blade material: Stain-free high-carbon steel
    Handle material: Polypropylene
    Handle circumference: 4.1 in
    Price at Time of Testing: $38.87

    They didn't actually say anything bad about it ... just that it's overkill for the average human.


    • klflowers
      klflowers commented
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      lol I was posting about my Dexter at the same time. I agree it is overkill, but I like it. It is a monster.

    • Murdy
      Murdy commented
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      Interesting, they make a bigger one apparently, Amazon has a 9 inch version. They also show a 6 inch version.

    • texastweeter
      texastweeter commented
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      Seeing how it WILL be used to break down whole animals, I'm thinking the DR may be right in either the 7 or 8 inch model.

    I have this Dexter cleaver:


    Goes through everything. I bought it a the local restaurant supply store. It is pretty heavy so I don't swing it, I just let it drop. The toughest job I have used it for was to cut some dino ribs in half for a friend - she wanted to fit them in a dutch oven.

    Just to add to MBMorgan post above, it is definitely overkill. It is big and heavy, but I like it.
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