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Burger Master

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    Burger Master

    Got this as a gift yesterday so giving it a try tomorrow.
    Takes 2 lbs if any ground meat in mold then refrigerate.
    Apparently there was some dissatisfaction with my handmade patties
    by certain factions in this household
    Ahh, my loving family....
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    Last edited by smokin fool; August 10, 2019, 09:04 PM.

    Hexagon burgers. Cool gift.


      That makes a hex of a lot of patties at once.


        Hex burgers? I love it! It reminds me of square headlights on a Jeep. It doesn’t change how good it is or how well it works, but I’ll be surprised if it takes hold. 😀


          I’d be down. But that’s shady.




              Cool little toy. I am still hooked on smash burgers though, and I would ruin all that nice shaping.


              • smokin fool
                smokin fool commented
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                I'm with you on the smash burgers, like I said a certain daughter who will go un-named doesn't like....
                See what happens in a few hours when I fire up the grill, could be short lived solution
                Last edited by smokin fool; August 11, 2019, 04:10 PM.

              You might put the 'hex' on the flavor using that.


                Well at the end of the day they didn't turn out all that badly, quite good actually.
                It says you need 2 lbs of ground beef, I would go heavier, just not sure how much heavier yet, to make sure all the Hexs are jammed with meat.
                I used lean ground beef so there was minimal shrinkage but the patties did loose the hex shape while cooking.
                Its a coin flip whether its faster to fill all the hexes with ground meat or smash out 8 burgers.
                If you want big honking burgers for a few people smash em, if your feeding a crowd hex em to make your meat go farther.
                My daughter said she paid $8.00 for it from Amazon, its not going to break the bank so I'm giving this a passing grade.
                For the record she didn't really like this burger either....you just can't please some daughters!!!!


                • mountainsmoker
                  mountainsmoker commented
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                  You might want to try 80/20 beef. It is much more flavorful.

                • smokin fool
                  smokin fool commented
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                  Agreed. With the health and nutrition thing going on stores only sell lean or extra lean ground beef now, I can't remember the last time I even saw med ground in the bunker.
                  Could grind my own but, like, that's going to happen....

                Originally posted by smokin fool View Post
                My daughter said she paid $8.00 for it from Amazon, its not going to break the bank so I'm giving this a passing grade.
                I looked it up, $25 on Amazon now. For that money, I’ll press out the patties.

                Supposedly it is freezer safe; you can fill it with beef, seal it, and freeze it, and remove frozen patties one at a time for use. I’d buy it for $8, too, but not for $25.


                  So here's one for the what-will-they-think-of-next category:



                  • ssandy_561
                    ssandy_561 commented
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                    I love how it says it went through one year of design trials. 😂

                  • Mosca
                    Mosca commented
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                  • klflowers
                    klflowers commented
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                  Click image for larger version

Name:	E0D5E7C3-CB6C-4A7E-A2AD-CEB8BC1DAAB7.jpeg
Views:	164
Size:	78.9 KB
ID:	729647 I’m sure this looks familiar to a lot of people.

                  I was gifted the Tupperware Burger press like 20 years ago. I don’t use it too often any more but when I first got it this was the only way I made burgers for the first 3 or 4 years.


                    I used to use a Tupperware burger press, mostly to get consistent size and shape on my patties - I don't think I have done that in a year, as all I've done the past year were smash burgers. I've gotten that down to a pretty quick process, and use a 1/3 cup measuring scoop to help make the meat balls all a uniform size.

                    Can't say I remember the last time I cooked only 8 hamburger patties, so a press like that would be hard to use in my household. Maybe if the kids aren't coming, and its just the wife and me, and we want some leftovers... . Most of the time I am smashing 30-40+ hamburgers on the grill


                      I've seen the Tupperware burger press usually after midnight on the tube, $9.99 plus shipping and handling....get a second for just shipping and handling. Thought about it, never bit.
                      I used to just crush a chunk of ground beef under a small plate until desired thickness, apparently that's frowned upon.
                      One thing I did not mention is you have to work the meat into the corners of the hex's so this is not a fast, labour saving device.
                      Anyway wife and daughter off to Malta for two weeks on Friday so I can go back to my barbaric ways of cooking.



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