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Trying to decide which rotisserie to buy

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    Trying to decide which rotisserie to buy

    I have a Weber 22.5 inch kettle and trying to find a good rotisserie. I know Weber makes one and another good one is Cajon bandit. A few dollars either way isn't important. I want a quality product.

    What rotisserie do you all recommend if any?

    I've looked at both but haven't pulled the trigger yet.


      I'm trying to decide if I'd get that much use out of it for that price. I'm thinking a turkey on one would be awesome though.


        Hey Joe,

        I picked up a roto ring for a kettle this year. I look at CB and Weber but like you I really didn't know how much I would use it . I went on line and found a cheaper ring and motor and decided to roll the dice on it.

        I grabbed a OnlyFire new style stainless for 102.00 Amazon prime. I've actually written a review for it for the Grill Girl site which will be posted at a future date. After several cooks I like it. I'm sure the CB and the Weber are better in quality but this isn't bad.

        Motors rated for 40 lbs. Its fits well.

        No matter what you get I would just say get one. Its a blast to cook on.

        Click image for larger version  Name:	OnlyFire Kit in box GG 0817.JPG Views:	1 Size:	297.0 KB ID:	376268Click image for larger version  Name:	OnlyFire Kit Unpacked GG 0817.JPG Views:	1 Size:	424.6 KB ID:	376269Click image for larger version  Name:	OnlyFire Kit on Kettle GG 0817.JPG Views:	1 Size:	593.5 KB ID:	376270Click image for larger version  Name:	OnlyFire Ring Kit New Style.png Views:	1 Size:	275.0 KB ID:	376271Click image for larger version  Name:	Roto Pulled Pork GG 0817.JPG Views:	1 Size:	1.87 MB ID:	376272
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          That one I think this one has its own merits. The bottom lip fits over the rim of the kettle. The Weber brand and the Cajun Bandit fit inside the rim.. If the lid fits snugly, there would be much better temperature control. Seems that way from the pic anyway.

        Thank you Jon. I had one many years ago on an old Gasser. Back before I got to involved in grilling much. Now I'm a finatic. Love smoking on the week end.
        I might go a head and throw in and get the bandit. We'll see.


          I need to get one. Be for the 26. Turkey does awesome on the rotisserie. Ate one every year off my grandfather's BBQ-Rotisserie set up.


            I can't wait to hear how the bandit is. I'm sure it will be awesome like all there stuff.


              I know you're talking about cookin on a Weber, but I just picked up a rotisserie for my Napolean. Did a chicken last night.
              My wife thought my chicken was the best, being she used to cook the chix in our domain. No more, especially after me finding AR. Well, I didn't think it was possible,but, hit out of the park. She called a friend & told her I would do one for her. So, as Jon Solberg said, they are a blast & get one.


                I've been using a rotisserie for many years. I burned out a motor when the turkey came loose from the forks and shifted. We did not eat that turkey... I bought a heavier motor and it works like a charm. The original was a Weber that I bought before Amazon took off.

                My thoughts:

                Get a high rated motor - 40# is what I use now. A smaller motor can burn out if the weight shifts. And use the counterweight to balance things. Also make sure the forks are closed as much as possible, and that they are tight.

                The Weber ring is not even in the ballpark with airtight. So it will be hard to do low and slow. That does not matter with birds because you want the heat to crisp the skin. Ask if the ring is airtight on Amazon if you are considering low and slow.

                I think using the rotisserie makes the juiciest chicken or turkey. My theory is the rotation keeps the juices from immediately dropping off the bird and helps basting.

                Let us know what you get, and how you like it - please.


                  Thanks guys. I read the reviews. Seems many like the weber but somehow the bandit sounds like a little better construction and also adapts to a WSM if I decide later to go that way. Besides the cost is pretty close. I'm not worried about a couple dollars but do want a very good one.


                    I'd love to find a rotisserie that works on the WSCGC.


                      Well I went a head a ordered the Cajon bandit with the upgraded motor. Stronger with a cord because I plan on smoking 24 pound turkeys. The original motor can handle it if it is real balanced well. I just wanted to be sure. It was only a $40 upgrade.
                      oh yea, if you are a veteran, they will give you a 10% discount which added up to about $20.

                      So for $184 shipped fedex, I will have the rotisserie kit plus the upgrade motor.

                      I think I'm gonna be happy.

                      Oh, and they only take PayPal.


                        That looks like a good one to me. I really like that the ring fits over the bottom of the kettle instead of inside like the Weber. You may be able to go low and slow with that rig fairly easily.
                        Last edited by RonB; September 7, 2017, 09:10 PM.


                          I would love to get one I could use on my Weber 26 or my Weber Spirit 210. What are the chances one could be adapted for both?


                            I see that you went with the Cajun bandit. You will be happy. I have the Cajun bandit. It fits both my kettle and smoked mountain. I also got a new door and charcoal ring when I ordered the rotisserie. The motor runs off of 2 D batteries. I think I've changed them twice in two years.



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