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Cast iron score?

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    Cast iron score?

    So i have no knowledge in cast iron, hoping someone could give me some insight.
    . I bought all of these for 33$ at a garage sale .
    1 is marked wagner ware sidney, 1 says made in usa. Cant find much markings on the other 4.
    Click image for larger version

Name:	20200813_210459.jpg
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Name:	20200813_210935.jpg
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Name:	20200813_210944.jpg
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    I'm a relative newbie or otherwise a non-expert w/ CI myself, but I'd say that's a good score for $33!


    • Jfrosty27
      Jfrosty27 commented
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      +1 on that!

    • Steve B
      Steve B commented
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      ++ on Spinaker Where are you brother?
      You’ve been summoned 😁

    • mnavarre
      mnavarre commented
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      I believe Mr. Bones may have some useful input on this subject.

    Dang! Nice score. The Wagner and the three-notch Lodge are worth more than $33. Pretty sure the "Made in USA" pan is a Birmingham Stove & Range. I hope those are all cookers, but even if a couple end up being wall queens that's a good score.


    • marshall
      marshall commented
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      I plan on cooking pizza's in the bigger ones for sure

    • Alabama Smoke
      Alabama Smoke commented
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      The "Made in USA", I am almost certain is a Birmingham Stove and Range. You can tell them usually by looking at the bottom of the handle near the pan itself and you will see that it has a ridge, sort of making it look triangular rather than oval. I have several of these. Unfortunately Birmingham Stove and Range closed forever back in the 90's if I remember correctly. I really enjoy cooking on these. Mine are old and well seasoned and cook extremely well.
      Last edited by Alabama Smoke; August 14, 2020, 06:33 AM.

    Great find. The 10" Wagner is OLD. https://ourpastimes.com/identify-wag...e-6331708.html


      Great find !! I have seen several article's on this sight on restoring cast iron. Do a search and they should show up


        I think u got ripped off. I’ll take them off ur hands for $33 and pay for shipping!

        🤪 Good score! Got an old Wagner like that and is almost non stick! Seasoned good and that alone I’d pay $33 if I had to.


          That's great. We find good cast iron at estate sales.
          They look like they're in good shape.

          Cook some bacon in each one to make sure they're seasoned.

          Then eat your victory bacon


            I plan on cooking with them all, do i leave or clean off the caked on crud thats on the outside underneath?


              Originally posted by marshall View Post
              I plan on cooking with them all, do i leave or clean off the caked on crud thats on the outside underneath?
              It's hard to tell from the pics but I'd strip them down and reseason them unless they're in good shape.


                One of the great things that differentiates cast iron from synthetic non stick is that ALL cast iron works the same. Great score!

                (I know there are differences. Now go work on that new Lodge until it is smooth.)


                  Ya done sccored yerself one Hailuvva Deal, Brother!

                  Th Wagner is circa 1935-1959
                  Th three notch Lodges are great CI; I have plenty of em
                  Any BSR is Great CI, as well...I snatch em up, when a deal comes along Super underrated, which means affordable to us mere mortals lol!

                  Shhhhhhh!!!! Keep it on th Down Low, aight???

                  Any CI with molded Made in USA is typically post 1960... this don't mean it ain't great; most generally are far superior too ANY typical consumer grade one might find, nowadays...

                  Spinaker has a phenomenal collection, both desirable/rare old, an very new/modern...

                  Reckon I'm in 2nd CI place, here on AR, but, hey!
                  At least I'm still in th runnin!

                  PS please LMK if they's any ya wanna git rid of/consider surplus to yer needs... might jus be interested... (Dibs)
                  Last edited by Mr. Bones; August 13, 2020, 08:55 PM.


                  • marshall
                    marshall commented
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                    Ill let you know if/when the time comes i want to clear some space , for now im gona enjoy em!
                    Would you recommend i do anything to them, other than cook in em? Such as a good cleaning...
                    There is caked on crud on the outside bottom of a couple, looks like someone maybe sat them in a fire.
                    Thanks for your unique knowledge and input Mr. Bones
                    Last edited by marshall; August 14, 2020, 04:11 AM.

                  Yup, ya done exceptionally good! Great score. They are all antiques of one quality or another. Ther is no junk in the lot.


                    Oh My God I could write a book here....

                    First - that was a token price, it might as well have been free.

                    Look at a ton of videos on how to prep CI.

                    Baking Soda and Hydrogen Peroxide, and coarse steel wool, will prep the worst offenders to become heirloom CI again.

                    Cover those suckers in lard after elbow grease cleaning, dab away the excess, and bake upside down in 350F for a couple hours. Use a cookie sheet to catch the drips.

                    Welcome to the wonderful world of CI.

                    Folks pick on modern Lodge because they're dimpled like a golf ball and not baby's behind smooth like the Wagner. Different times and different costs of manufacturing and smoothing. The Wag is a gem...

                    It's interesting to learn about CI size numbering - it was originally matched to the size of CI wood burning stoves' round cook grate sizes. You bought the CI pans to match your particular CI pot belly stove.

                    I'm envious... Folks in the Lou know far better what they have. The days of scoring that many pieces under a couple hundred bones are long gone.


                    • marshall
                      marshall commented
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                      Thanks, im excited to learn and care for these pieces!

                    OK, a couple of you folks mentioned above that you know little to nothing about cast iron so I want to direct you to a great site. Its primarily focused on dutch oven cooking, but it covers about all you need to know to use and care for CI correctly. Check out http://www.dutchovendude.com/. If not covered here, just goodle something about cast iron care, etc. There is a ton of info out there.


                    • Mr. Bones
                      Mr. Bones commented
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                      Another great CI site:


                      Lotsa useful info there!

                    • Dan Deter
                      Dan Deter commented
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                      I just made the Chicken Enchilada Pie off that site for my last campout. It was quite excellent!

                    Very nice score!



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