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Stainless steel Joint Knife used as pan or griddle scraper??

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    Stainless steel Joint Knife used as pan or griddle scraper??

    Well, I was looking for my level down in tool section of my basement and ran across a brand new (I had forgotten about) stainless steel joint knife. For those who don't know what that is think paint scraper. This one is stainless steel, 6" blade width and slightly flexible. Nicely made by Hyde.

    Wondering if this is a safe alternative to or addition to use as a griddle scraper. I have a Steel Made griddle ordered and it should be here late next week so am stocking up on griddle tools. Also thinking of using it on my cast iron cookware.

    And while I do know its stainless steel I do not know if it is rated food safe (I would doubt that), but we are cleaning here, not cooking or eating with it. Thoughts?

    I did see a short Utube video and Culinary Depot seems to think it is ok........What say you?

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    Just be careful and don’t damage the cook top. That stainless can scratch the top if your not careful, especially if the corners are pointed.


      The bane of my existence is cleaning the flatop. Everyday. Do it because I enjoy cooking on my griddle and it's important.

      I want to add that everytime I do clean the flatop I think of Mr. Bones who commented on a video posted here in the pit sometime back, showing how "Carlos" cleans a flatop. It takes Carlos half an hour and Mr. B says thats far too long. I sometimes take longer and the guilt gets the better of me☺.

      Mine has a 10mm stainless steel plate and I use a flexible paint scraper for scraping clean during and after cooking. As mentioned above by Dadof3Illinois they can scratch the surface and in my case have. They haven't made any serious gouges.
      I use a stiffer scraper made from stainless for flipping burgers and it never crossed my mind to consider if it's good for food use. And I use a stainless steel cement trowel for smashing my burgers. Have been for more than 2 years without any problems but you've got me thinking now. I do replace them fairly often usually because the handle brakes or the sharp part of the blade is no longer effective.
      Another tool in my artillery is a carpet knife blade fits into a plastic scraper handle. These are very effective in removing the built up residue.
      Aside from the cleaning detergent I also mix vinegar with a little dishwashing soap and that works like a bomb especially when the plate is still warm using a scouring pad.
      Didn't realise how long winded this turned out to be.

      I am certain you are going to enjoy the flatop.


      • Mr. Bones
        Mr. Bones commented
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        It takes as long as it takes, Brother, same as it's done, when it's done...
        Never meant to make ya feel guilty of nada...
        I have my methods, based upon experience, but that should have zero impact upon others, ideally...
        FWIW, ime, I think cleanin a flattop is most likely th easiest job in kitchen cleanup, some are considerable less enjoyable, or glamorous lol

      Dadof3Illinois and holehogg I already thought of the sharp blade and the sharp corners and am glad you brought it up. I may put a grinding wheel on my Dremel tool and see if I can round the sharp corners off or maybe I will just forget that altogether. I already have one stainless scraper and a couple of nylon scrapers that came with Lodge cast iron pans, pots, etc. I definitely do not want to gouge the top of my cook top! Thanks for the input! Tom


        I think that officially, food grade stainless steel is 316. I don't know if this means that other grades are NOT food safe, but it might


        • IowaGirl
          IowaGirl commented
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          A lot of metals are safe for use with food. The usual "18/8" stainless touted for dinnerware is 304 stainless, for example. The advantage of 316 is a greater resistance to corrosion. But that's not too much of an issue for most kitchen utensils. My Vollrath stock pots are 304 to give an example of something that can be used pretty hard in the kitchen.
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        I'd haveta conjecture that a 6" sheet rock, drywall, mud knife, or joint knife, as they apparently say in yer necka th woods would work jus fine to clean yer griddle, jus be prudent, an judicious, especial if'n ya opt to not knock them sharp corners off...

        It don't matter fer one minute if yer cleanin scraper is food safe rated, we're not utilizin it to make food, nor is it ever in contact with any foodstuffs...

        Even if it were to be, it's stainless, an I'll wager we've all eaten from places where that mighta been an upgrade, flavour wise lol
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        • Alabama Smoke
          Alabama Smoke commented
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          Thanks Mr. Bones! I sort of thought the same thing, but those sharp corners are rather intimidating.

        Everyone seems to be getting a griddle these days. I assume it is recommended as a covid response, right? Like the government says wear a mask and get a griddle? So if I buy one, it’s not MCD but a selfless desire to save others, right? I can tell my wife that? You’ll back me up? RIGHT?


        • HawkerXP
          HawkerXP commented
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          Sounds good to me!


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