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Grill Rescue cleaner on a not-so-hot grill

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    Grill Rescue cleaner on a not-so-hot grill

    Hi all. I picked up a Grill Rescue grill cleaner brush sorta thing on black Friday at a good discount at my local Ace Hardware. I haven't used it yet and am thinking I may return it. They say to get the grill up to 400 degrees then wipe with the soaked head of the cleaner. Thing is, I rarely get my grill that hot. I do lots of low and slow, reverse sears etc. If I got either of my grills that hot to clean it, it would be a pain to try to get the temp back down.

    Currently I have a three sided Weber brush and the "Genie" tool that came with my Memphis pellet grill. After I use one or the other (Weber brush on the kettle, Genie on the Memphis) I usually wipe things down with a folded wet paper towel, flipping and refolding a few times until I don't get too much blech on it. I do this after letting the grill heat up, but often that's only to 225 or 250. I am thinking that since the Grill Rescue wouldn't vigorously steam like they show in the videos, that it would just get all black and yucky pretty quickly. Not something I want to run through my dishwasher.

    Anyone out there with the Grill Rescue use it on a not so hot grill? If so, how does it work?

    I don't have one but could you clean the grill at the end of your cook? Cook low and slow then ramp it up for a few minutes let it get hot then use the Grill rescue?


      I can see the issue if you are trying to clean before cooking. However, as Old Glory says, can you clean after cooking by ramping to 400? Alternatively, sometimes I do deeper cleans and just ramp it to 400 to clean with no cooking plans.

      The Grill Rescue brush would effectively replace your current cleaning process as outlined, so I wouldn’t feel the need to do both rounds of cleaning. But, if you are running it at 225-250, I don’t think it’d be ideal or a material improvement over your current process. I mean, the whole idea is the heat and steam do the work, not you.
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        Doesn’t work as well as it does on a hot grill. I have two brushes, this one as well as a swirly bristle type brush. I use the rescue every few cooks but do this prior to putting anything on the grill. I start my grills off on high, so it’s easy for me. After the cook I use the bristle to knock off any thing left from the burn off I do. But, this is a gasser so may not work the same for you.

        Or, just when needed, turn the grill on high and give it a clean and put it away that way you aren’t trying to manage the hot temp right before a cook.

        but, I do think for the price, it’s a nice brush to have.


          I always use mine on my Weber kettle after completing a low and slow cook. I usually rotate the grate where the food was cooked on over the SnS, put the lid back on and open all vents. Then after a few minutes I rotate the grate back and use the grill rescue brush. I may have to do this a few times and even flip the grate over to clean the underside of the grate.


            I use my Grill rescue at varying temps too. I keep it hooked on the side of my Genesis at all times. For my Silverbac, which is what I smoke with I’ll still use it to clean the grates when it’s at 225 or so. 225 is still hot and it will sizzle when I use it. I think it does a good enough job and 225 is plenty hot. My grates aren’t too dirty because I’ll usually put my food on one of my wire racks anyway. I like it and have no qualms with cleaning at a lower temperature.

            I will say that the one I bought I bought directly from them and it was full price. I was in my Ace 2 weeks later and it was half of what I paid. I bought it and leave it at the lake house.


              Well, I used my Grill Rescue for the first time last night on our Memphis Advantage pellet grill. Just cooked a few brats. I heated the grill up to 250 the used the Grill Rescue on it. Last thing we cooked was chicken thighs marinated in barbeque sauce. That leaves a sticky mess. It cleaned it up quite nicely and quickly. I was surprised how much of the black blech just rinsed off the brush too. I was pleasantly surprised.

              One question for those of you who have these; do you do anything special to dry it after you use it? I'm just a bit concerned about things growing in a damp sponge/cloth/brush. I tried squishing it as flat as I could to get as much water as I could out of it and just left it on the kitchen counter sponge side up to dry. I'd rather not leave it on the counter, but with outside temperatures in the 30's and 40's, I didn't think it would dry very well outside.


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                You can run the head (it is removable) through the dishwasher.

              After using mine, I let it sit on the countertop while the grill cools off. I keep both my brushes stored inside the grill when not in use. I live in a dry climate, so not necessarily worried about a bit of moisture as it will dry up pretty quickly.

              I haven’t had an issue at this point and I also throw this in the dish washer occasionally to clean.


                TIP: Get your grill warmed up and dip your regular wire brush in water and scrub the grates. It will steam clean them like a champ. You'll want to scrub long enough so that you dry the brush. Then use an oiled paper towel (I like avocado oil) to rub the grates down until little to no black comes off the grates. Now you're good to go.



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