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A5 Wagyu from Costco

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    A5 Wagyu from Costco

    I had seen other post on different corners of the internet that their Costco had real Japanese A5 Wagyu steaks. For the last few months I have been looking every time I am in Costco (at least once a week) and finally, today I found these:

    Click image for larger version

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    $99.99 per pound. Guess I needed something frivolous to spend the tax return on.

    I have had A5 Wagyu before so I am interested to try these and see how they stack up. From what I could tell they are from Kagoshima which is the type of beef that won the 2017 Wagyu Olympics. Similar steaks from Crowd Cow from Kagoshima go for $170 a pound so $99.99 is practically a steal!

    A couple months back I was talking to a friend who sells very high end Wagyu and he said Kagoshima (and Miyazaki) are kind of on the low end of the Wagyu spectrum. Still delicious and still a great experience but there is better to be had. I am very interested to cook these up and see how they compare to some of the higher end steaks.

    If you are in Costco take a trip to the freezer case by where the pre-formed burger patties are sold and you just might stumble upon some of these.

    Make sure to report back on the results, I found that these tend to cook quicker than "normal" steaks and melt in the mouth but are very rich obviously


      Tax return? What is that? Getting back what was stolen from you?

      Anyhow Costco sure does have some gems as far as seafood and meats no doubt.


        Here's the ones I bought back on 9/20/20. Fast cook and very rich. They were good, but I doubt that I'll be buying them again.

        A5 Wagyu Oh My!!!

        September 20, 2020, 06:39 PM
        Last week we were at our Costco and they had some A5 Wagyu Ribeyes out @ $99.99/LB. I asked my wife, who would be crazy enough to buy those? Well today is our 51st Anniversary and we were there again. She said, "why don't you get a package as my present to you", she knew they are on my bucket list. I looked at and touched all 22 packages they had and grabbed this one. Although the marbling was similar on most of them, check the spinalis out on these babies. My wife's a keeper for sure.
        Last edited by wrgilb; September 20, 2020, 07:10 PM. Click image for larger version

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          I've seen them. and just walked away


            Seriously, is there any meat in that A5 fat?
            Beef Suet is a lot cheaper, and it has to taste very good. The birds and squirrels consume it quickly when I put it out in our feeder.
            Happy Grilling to you


              Each of those 2 steaks will feed a few people, because the steaks are so rich.


                Wow, I wish mine carried these! I would buy the whole case!


                • JoeSousa
                  JoeSousa commented
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                  I had heard other people across the country talking about they had seen them at their Costco but this was the first time I had seen them. Keep looking and they just might pop up!

                  There were probably 50 packs on the shelf.

                The ones at our Costco are paper thin, maybe 3/8". I realize they cook up in a flash but I like my meat a bit thicker. Of course if I ordered a 2" A5 the bill would send me to the poor farm and trigger a nasty divorce.


                • JoeSousa
                  JoeSousa commented
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                  My wife got a new van, I got steaks. Seems like a fair deal.

                  These ones are decently thick. Not 2" but probably 1". A good pan sear should do the trick.

                Saw these at my local Costco last week. Didn’t look closely, but we have’em! I’ll take a better look next time I’m there, but I still can’t imagine dropping that kind of cash on a couple steaks.

                Maybe one day!


                  Joe, not sure what your plan is for these. But I always slice them into thin strips and sear them on a screaming hot pan, with no oil. There is enough fat in the steak that you it melts right away and gives you a non-stick sear! Then I dust with a little bit of kosher or truffle salt to finish them off. You have a great cook ahead of you, my friend.


                  • Jfrosty27
                    Jfrosty27 commented
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                    Also good seared on a cooking grade salt block. Yum.

                  • Spinaker
                    Spinaker commented
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                    Oh that is a great call. Jfrosty27

                  Spinaker Here is how I cooked the last A5 I had. Just a simple pan sear seasoned with some kosher salt.

                  I do have some pieces of some Wagyu flank, skirt, and flap meat in the freezer right now and will definitely be cutting those into smaller pieces to cook. I might need to invest in a hot plate so I can just cook at the table and put the pieces of meat right on the plate.


                    Before clicking to read the post I was worried you were going to say that they blade tenderize it and tell you to cook to 165 IT. I was ready to cancel my membership.


                      Have you cooked them yet? How do they compare to other A5 you've tried?


                      • JoeSousa
                        JoeSousa commented
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                        Sadly enough I haven't cooked them yet. Maybe I can plan a day next week to get that done.

                      • CaliforniaDad
                        CaliforniaDad commented
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                        JoeSousa - I actually found some at my Costco, too, and I'm doing them for Father's Day. Just curious how they compared to others. Your vid on YouTube is one I watched to learn about cooking techniques. However, I'm doing more Asian-inspired preparations.

                      • JoeSousa
                        JoeSousa commented
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                        CaliforniaDad I have a few other cuts from Pursuit Farms like an A5 skirt steak, bavette, and flank that I am going to do more Yakitori style or just cooking small pieces quick on the grill.


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