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    My name is Sherma and I live in Birch Run Michigan. Grew up about 7 miles from my present location in Montrose. Spent 30 years in GM and earned my release in 2006. Came home to farm, livestock that is. We raise goats, sheep, rabbits, chickens, ducks, turkeys, sometimes geese and lots of pigs. All go nicely on a grill or smoker.
    I've smoked off and on for years with my vertical water smoker and had good success until my husband went to a farm auction and came home with a stick smoker a few years ago. I started watching BBQ Pitmasters and fell in love with the show and realized I was just being a chicken not using it so I gave it a try without much success. It needs some TLC and a gasket to hold temp really bad. I'm working on it.
    I love outdoor cooking. It's primitive roots appeal to me. I love simple no frills ideas and smoking fits me to a tee. I grill year round.
    Two of my passions are learning and smoking stuff so the 2 go together. I found a recipe for smoked Cider and Bacon Beans and tried it over the weekend. I can't stop eating them. They are really that good. When your passions meet and converge into success, what satisfaction they make together!
    I love to travel and see and experience new things. As soon as I check in somewhere I hit the front desk and ask a local where to go for good food. I've experienced incredible pit bbq and goat in Texas. Had the best crawfish at Coops in New Orleans. Ate at a different gourmet restaurant every day in the Berkshires in Massachusetts for the price of a Ponderosa steak house(best vacation ever!). I've ate Paella at a little hole in the wall 300 year old restaurant in Spain. Did I mention I like to travel.
    So I'm here for the experience. Learning, sharing, questing, eating and drinking. I love both white and red wine and Michigan is known for it's craft and micro breweries as well as its vineyards so 'the land of lakes' is a true wetlands in more ways than one.
    Nuff said. Smoke em if you got em.

    HEY! Welcome skatur! Glad your here. Looking forward to seeing your cooks and such!


      Welcome Aboard, Sherma




          Welcome! My wife is from Southgate, Michigan and has family in West Branch. We live near Nashville, TN.


            Welcome Sherma from another Michigander.


              Welcome to the Pit Sherma


                Welcome. Plenty of Michigan folks here.

                Got any dead pigs laying around you don't intend on using?


                  Just wanted to say thank u for the nice welcome. I can tell I'm gona like it here. Done lots of studying and decided to get a Pit Barrel Cooker. It arrived yesterday and I set it up. Went digging around in the freezer to see what I could try out and found a flat cut corned beef brisket. I wait for these to go on sale then snatch a few up at a time. I always wanted a nontraditional way to prepare corned beef so why not.
                  Tomorrow will be 2 annoying male ducks that met with a lead poisoning accident(not) last evening when I caught them chasing one of my baby ducks down like the rape gang they aspired to become. Not so annoying anymore. Lemonade, anyone.


                  • smarkley
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                    I hope you are gonna give them a good roasting!

                  • Medusa
                    Medusa commented
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                    Good for you with the PBC. Everyone here loves 'em..

                    ( In a dazed, hypnotic voice ) I want PBC, I need PBC, must have PBC, click to buy PBC now...

                  HEY Back! Sherma,

                  Welcome to the Pit - Glad you're here and that you no longer 9-5. This site and these folks will enhance the way you cook, and after awhile you'll be cooking anything on anything.



                    A belated welcome Sherma - it sounds like you're going to fit in here quite well


                      Welcome Sherma! We're glad you're here!


                        ​Welcome to The Pit skatur / Sherma! Great job on your signature, and glad to have you here. I'm your neighbor to the north, about an hour-ish.

                        Since this is your first post, please check out our homework assignment post for new members if you haven't already, it contains a few how-tos and please-dos.

                        Also, it's very important that you add the domain AmazingRibs.com to your email safe list in case you are ever drawn as our monthly Gold Medal Giveaway winner!

                        Hope to hear & see more from you!



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