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Hey from Illinois just east of St. Louis

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    Hey from Illinois just east of St. Louis

    New member - just joined last week. Have been taking on-line cooking classes for 15 months and decided to expand my cooking game to the grill past traditionally grilled steaks and chicken. Joined PitMasters because I had already 'stolen' a number of lessons from AmazingRibs. I had a successful smoked brisket and a successful steak reverse-sear using Meathead's methods - both on the first try. So I figured that I should join just to pay back the value I had already gotten.

    My on-line cooking classes have several skilled grillers and smokers - I gotten the wants for a dedicated smoker, and asked a couple of those smokers what brand they used. All of 'em pointed me to PitMasters. I've learned a lot by reading almost all the smoker reviews. My wife and I have reached an 'agreement' (yeah, I lost!) that if I smoke something at least 3 times a month this year, we can discuss a dedicated smoker. Well she loved last night's brined and smoked Cornish game hen, and last week's reverse-seared rib-eye, so I'm on the way!

    Btw, I used PitMasters' recommendations for brining the Cornish game hen and for a riff on Memphis Dust - I used brown sugar, allspice, coriander, paprika, garlic and ginder. My wife says to write that down, so success.

    Forgot to mention: I grill on a Weber Genesys propane grill...so far!
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    Welcome from Southeast Illinois.


      Welcome to the Pit! On-line cooking classes!? What will they think of next?


        Welcome from Illinois - also just east of St. Louis


          Welcome from the California Delta.


            Welcome from upstate, in suburban Chicago. Also, welcome to the journey. I too started my Pitmaster journey smoking on the Genesis. I'm sure you've already checked out the article on the free side about setting up your gas grill for smoking. I used it and got my best results. Always tweaking for better results, and thoroughly enjoyed everything I was making.

            When I upgraded to the pellet cooker, wife was initially skeptical, but was wowed by the cooking. As was I.

            When we moved and I got a yard, and I got a barrel style cooker, wife was again skeptical, but with three cooks, I have sold her on the "necessity." And again, I'm wowed. It's good that your wife is on board with expansion, and she's a voice of reason. That voice of reason is not the only reason I love my wife, and not the main one, but it's definitely part of her charm.

            Here's the funny thing... when I only owned the gas grill, I cooked everything on it. When I got the Grilla, the gasser got reduced to high heat grilling and rotisserie smoking, and the Grilla got all the low and slow. Now, with the barrel (OJB! OJB! OJB!), the gasser is getting the same amount of work, though I dunno about the rotisserie, and the Grilla is getting more weekday use, while the OJB is the project cooker. I think the Grilla will get more fall/winter use, for the set/forget aspect, but you find uses and niches and you expand your collection.


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              Thanks for the welcome and the input about your smoker journey. Last night I brined and smoked a spatchcocked game hen - 237F grill temp. Took the bird off at 155F, set grill to conflagration and crisped the bird for a couple of minutes each side. Wife was highly complementary so I think a string of successes will evenutally win the day.

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              That’s how it’s done.

            Welcome from Neptune Beach, FL!


              Welcome to the Pit from Huntsville, Alabama - Rocket City USA!

              Glad to have you on board. Something I will throw out there, as having a dedicated smoker, I actually find myself smoking MORE on my Weber 22" Kettle than I do on the smoker. I have a Weber Performer Deluxe, which has an integrated table, propane ignition and charcoal storage, but any old 22" kettle can make some phenomal BBQ, and will be far easier to smoke on than a gas grill. The best way to achieve this is with an amazing invention called the "Slow 'N Sear" (snsgrills.com) - its basically a stainless steel basket, selling for $59, that integrates a water reservoir, and lets you easily smoke for up to 12 hours on 7-8 pounds of charcoal, with a few wood chunks, or have a blazing hot 1000 degree searing zone if you want to really sear some steaks.

              Since I've had the Slow 'N Sear, I do about 90% of my smoking on the 22" kettle, rather than my offset. Mostly because it is hands off, uses about 1/10th the fuel for a long overnight cook of a brisket or pork butt, while achieving similar results. I like the flavor I get from charcoal with a few chunks of hickory or apple wood. It's also a great grill as well.

              Good dedicated and low cost charcoal smokers to look at include the Weber Smokey Mountain and Pit Barrel Cooker, and the Oklahoma Joe Bronco that Potkettleblack mentions above.

              So, while a dedicated smoker is great to have, you might convince your wife easier of the need for a dual purpose charcoal grill that can also smoke.


                Welcome from south Texas!


                  Welcome to The Pit. Once you get your selection narrowed down a bit, ask for suggestions here. We love to help.


                    The key is you sayin “so far”. Welcome home, eat good & have fun!


                      Welcome from Maryland


                        Salutations from Hays, Kansas!


                          Welcome from the mountains of NC. I have done all my smoking on a Weber 22" kettle for many years and while I have tried other high end $3-4000 smokers I always come back to it. I have upgraded it by adding a SS grill by KillaGrilla a Smokenator charcoal basket and a DigiQ with fan controller, If Fireboard and SNS had been out I may have used them. Not sure about the SNS I feel like it takes up to much room vs. my Smokenator.

                          Some of the things I smoke are bacon, cured hams, turkeys, sausage, and any of the regular stuff like ribs, butts, brisket , beef ribs, any of the lamb cuts you name it I can smoke it. Then when I am not smoking or using my gas grill I can grill on grill on it.


                            Howdy from Kansas Territory, Welcome to Th Pit!
                            Lookin forward to learnin along with, an from ya!



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