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Smoker / Grill v. Grill & Smoker

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    Smoker / Grill v. Grill & Smoker

    I am a relative newbit to smoking.

    I have had a charcoal and electric vertical, off-brand smoker and Weber grill.

    I am recently divorced, left all behind and have my baby girls this weekend. It's been 3 years, but with the virus, I thought it would be fun to smoke / grill something for a meal(s).

    I am certainly not rich, but am very interested in a unit that can do both with these factors:

    1. I'm looking to stay in 3 figures
    2. I want to make some quick burgers / dogs
    3. But want to long-smoke a brisket or ribs
    4. Please don't brow beat me, but also don't want to spend a lot of time working with temp adjustments, re-fueling, etc.

    I've heard great things, but don't understand if Treaeger is the solution to the above?

    This is insane with regards to timing, but I have my girls this weekend and any assistance would be super appreciated.

    BTW - the pork rub recipe on this site is the absolute bomb.

    This is the first time I've posted anything, so I guess I have to figure that out. If I do, I will respond.

    Thanks in advance to you all. And sorry for being an idiot here.

    Be safe. Be healthy.

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    Welcome to the pit from Southern Illinois! Yes a pellet grill would fit what you are asking for.


      A pellet will do the trick and give you more time with your children as it is close to set and forget. However a kettle with an SnS, or something like a PK 360 will also work. Once you get the hang of either of the last two you can maintain pretty steady temperatures also, but there will be a learning curve getting your vents and fuel right. I have a pellet and use it often. There are other options but just trying to keep it in your 3 figure range.


        Welcome from Colorado ... and be sure to check out these guys: https://grillagrills.com/


          Greetings from North Carolina, I will second the pellet grill for what you are seeking.


            A Weber Kettle with a Slow n Sear would be another good option, though I don't think you'd have the slow n sear in time for this weekend. You could always grill on the kettle now and add that later for smoking. I would say the time adjusting temps and isn't much and refueling would probably be limited to once for really long cooks, but it still takes a bit more than dialing in a number on a pellet grill.

            I have this setup as well as a pellet grill and am happy with both. If you like a stronger smoke flavor, I'd lean towards the kettle so you can use charcoal with wood chunks. Cooking pellets burn so cleanly that they produce a milder smoke profile. And when it comes to grilling, the kettle definitely wins. You can't get a great sear on a pellet grill. But the pellet grill is as close to "set it and forget it" as I think you'll find.

            The new Masterbuilt Gravity Series might be a great compromise between the two, but it is new and I have no experience with it or know how readily available it is to grab for the weekend. https://www.masterbuilt.com/products...l-grill-smoker


            Welcome to The Pit Rick.Yes, a pellet grill will do what you want, but a regular ole Weber kettle will also do it and grillin' will be better on a Kettle IMHO. A Kettle with a Slow N Sear works great for smoking and is almost set and forget. And you can get around 8 hours from a loaded SnS in the Kettle. You can get the Kettle, SnS, charcoal chimney, and a leave in thermometer for well under $500. And there are a ton of accessories available for the Kettle for when you feel like expanding your menus.


            Yup with the kettle & SnS. With wee ones burgers & dogs will probably be the fav. The smoke will be for you & you will do just fine with the SnS. Plus, you will be able to nail a steak fer yerself & maybe a friend with the sear you can get with the SnS. Kettle is the most versatile unit & best for grillin.

            Plus, after further review, no cords, electricity, graphs, computer read outs. Simplicity, Fire & grub. You want to complicate things you can, up to you.
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              I recommend a pellet grill. Treager, Grills, Rec Tec, many other choices. Depends on your willingness to wait for delivery. Treager is available for pick up just about any city in USA. Set and forget. Easy peasy.


                Howdy from Kansas Territory, Welcome to Th Pit!
                Lookin forward to learnin along with, an from ya!

                Nuthin I can add to improve on th above, previous stated. Git a kettle, an SnS, start from there. It'll save ya beauceau hunnert bucks, chasin a flavour yer jus not gonna git with a pellet cooker.

                Takes a lil bit more time, personal involvement, but th results are tastier...


                  I strongly believe a Weber kettle with a SnS and a Fireboard and Pit Boss fan would be the best of all worlds. The kettle will let you grill a bunch of burgers and dogs or chicken. With the SnS and Pit Boss you can maintain any temperature you w'ant from 200-500. I believe that is the limit on the Fireboard cables I would have to look to double check.

                  I smoke everything with that set up. Let's just mention a few, bacon, chicken, all parts, fish, turkey, breast and whole up to about 18lbs., all pork cuts, lamb and to many beef cuts to mention, rib eye steaks and brisket being the two favorites, chuck substituting for brisket at times. Grilling steaks, hamburgers, fish, hot dogs, sausage, use your imagination.

                  If you want a table and your budget allows look at the Performer series.
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                    Lots of good advice so far. Here’s my 2 cents, get a Weber Performance & a18.5” WSM. Now you have all your bases covered and down the road you can start adding all the extras you need/want.


                      So, pellet grills tend to not sear that well from what I understand. Smoke profile is lighter... but they're set and forget.

                      I have a 22" weber and bought the Slow N Sear (SNS) for it and I can dial in 250 pretty easily. Mostly I crank the bottom vents to about 1/4 open and top to about 1/2. YOu'll need tp play a bit but once you get it dialed in, its pretty stable.

                      The key, which I learned here, is to start with a few coals, get them fully lit, THEN pour in the rest, put wood on and cover and let it come to temp for 15 or so.

                      Either will really get you good results.


                        Welcome from Virginia! Gotta agree with everyone else here on the kettle. If you are looking for something that is more set and forget the Masterbuilt Gravity Feed has great reviews


                          If you want something for the weekend, a Weber Performer would be a great place to start. You could then order the SnS and the Vortex when you feel like branching out from the basics. The Performer is nice for its gas-assist charcoal lighting feature and the attached table, handy features to have. When you do get the SnS accessory for it, you'll be set for low and slow cooking that delivers awesome flavor and smoke profile. And finally for not much money you can add a Vortex and do some delicious crispy chicken wings.




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