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Hello from Illinois

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    Hello from Illinois

    Back in November of 2012 my wife and daughter were scheduled to do a weekend out of town event. I was home with my 6 year old son. I remember him enjoying ribs at a restaurant (Famous Dave's). So I figured I would spend our time together making ribs and then going to see minor league hockey (during the strike so there were some younger NHL players involved).

    I had never cooked ribs before, so I turned to the internet and found Last Meal Ribs. Which lead to reading about Memphis Dust, which at that time still had salt in the recipe. I read about setting up my gas grill for indirect cooking, using a water pan, learned that I wasn't cooking up in the dome of the grill and would need a thermometer on the grate (but I didn't spring for digital at this time). I bought a Weber smoker box, I followed the recipe as closely as I could. And was relatively successful. Taste was great, texture was good. I remember being so impressed with the detail of amazingribs.com. I also new I could improve on my cook over time. The temp varied more than I would have hoped (wood in smoker box would catch fire, temps would rise I put out the fire and temps would fall. Regardless, it was fun. My son enjoyed the ribs. He felt special that I was making them for him. We had a great night at the game. Click image for larger version

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    From that point on, amazingribs.com became a go to site for all things outdoor cooking, with Alton Brown for indoors. I think what I liked most about the site was the science of cooking that I enjoy in Good Eats. And at this point, I get much more joy from cooking outdoors, so it is now my go to site for cooking.

    Fast forward a bit to the following June, and I was ready for my first cook on my Big Poppa Smokers Drum. First cook was for my son's 7th birthday.

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    A few years down the road, with a little luck, one garbage day right after father's day I thought to myself, I'll bet someone with a new grill will be throwing out and old one. And sure enough within 5 minutes I drive by a 22" kettle at the curb. Used it a couple of times and decided the wind in my yard required an ask catcher. I managed to pick up a red special edition for $99 on clearance. Sold the freebie so it only cost me $70 out of pocket.
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    Amazingribs helped me learn how to use this well enough that my confidence was pretty close to what I felt with my Genesis that I had been cooking on for over 20 years if you include my earlier edition and my dad's before that.

    Luck strikes again as I was driving on a winding road with my now high school aged daughter and I see what looks like a Trager next to a garbage can. I come to a quick stop, hop out and see it is a Pit Boss. I wasn't familiar with the brand, and it looked pretty dirty (was used as a charcoal cooker) so I figured it was broken and this was their attempt at still using it for something. I figured what the heck. She helped me load it in the truck. I got it home did a little research and a cousin told me it was probably just a jammed auger. Sure enough, that was the only issue. Cleared the jam, cleaned it up and fired it up.

    Click image for larger version

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    Of course first cook...
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    My luck hasn't run out yet. I check the Facebook market place and miss out on most of the amazing deals. But was second in line for a green performer, the same 2007 green as my Genesis. The first guy doesn't show. I'm offered a $55 performer. Pretty dirty, well used and well loved by the guy moving to a condo that doesn't allow it. And believe it or not, less than five minutes away from my house. By this time I have purchased what amazingribs.com described as the single best accessory for the kettle, a slow'n sear. So I'm eager to use it on this new to me and freshly cleaned up performer.

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    I can't say the first cook was last meal ribs this time, but kettle fried chicken. Saw too many posts about this in a Facebook group to not give it a try.

    ​​​​​​Over the years since first finding amazingribs.com a lot has changed in my life, we now have 5 kids up from 2. Moved from a Western Chicago suburb to a Southwest suburb. The kids keep us on our toes and with this many kids it helps to keep my hobbies things that can be done at home and serve a purpose, like eating.

    Amazing ribs has helped make outdoor cooking a fun and successful hobby that helps put good food in my family's belly.


    In my possession at this time:
    1. Weber Genesis E320
    2. Weber Performer
    3. Weber 22.5 Special Edition Red Kettle
    4. Weber 22.5 Premium Kettle (in my possession at this time applies to this one, $20 for a dirty kettle missing front leg. Cleaned and standing ready to sell).
    5. Weber Smokey Joe 14"
    6. Pit Boss Pellet Smoker (Garbage day find, had a broken auger, and owner tried using it as a charcoal grill, just needed a good cleaning and to be un-jammed and is now working great.
    7. Big Poppa Smokers EDS (55 Drum Smoker, built from a kit BPS sells)
    8. A drum in my shed that is drilled out but not painted, intention is to make it look like R2-D2.

    Wanted to buy...
    26" Kettle, would be nice to not crowd my 22 when cooking for my family of 7.

    Considering but waiting a bit, Weber Smoke-Fire.
    If I do get this I would sell the Pit Boss. Also would consider selling the genesis if it would replace what I tend to use my gas for, quick weeknight cooks and pizza.

    Welcome from Wisconsin. Glad you could join us!


      Welcome from Virginia!


        Welcome from Maryland. Great introduction!


          Welcome from Massachusetts! Great story!


            Welcome from Southeast Illinois.


              Greetings from South Africa. When ComfortablyNumb speaks we obey :-)


                Welcome from Maryland


                  Hello from New Hampshire.


                    Welcome to the Pit from the Okanogan Valley of Washington state. BTW, nice introduction, you set the bar!

                    Along with tips, techniques, and recipes about BBQ we have a lot of fun.

                    If you like music, go to this thread to hear what others are listening to and share what you like.

                    For jokes, go to this thread.

                    And here to enjoy some beautiful sunsets.

                    Go to this thread to post where you work and what your hobbies are and get to know other members here.

                    We are happy to have you along and looking forward to your participation.


                      Welcome from Minnesota.


                        Welcome to The Pit Jeremy. Great first post!


                          Welcome from south Texas! Nice intro story!


                            Welcome to the Pit! Next time don't hold back, tell us everything!!


                              Welcome from the California Delta



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