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Howdy from Houston

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    Howdy from Houston

    Hi all,

    I've been following this site for a little while now and added quite a bit to my smoking and grilling knowledge. Thank you to everyone for your valuable contributions. I look forward to continuing the never ending process of learning.

    My Cooking Background:
    Until about a year ago, my cooking activity was primarily indoor based (oven and stove) plus direct heat grilling. I've been cooking since my middle teens (~30 years), and worked my way through high school and college at three white-table-cloth restaurants under some very talented executive chefs who were kind enough to teach... not just yell at... the staff. I would consider myself to be a fairly talented amateur chef for things non-smoker related. I would consider myself to be an intermediate level smoker (thanks in large part to the high quality information and instruction on this site).

    About a year ago, I decided that smokeless cooking was no way to go through life. After a lot of research, I bought a 20" x 32" heavy gauge off-set smoker from Lyfe Tyme smokers out of Uvalde Texas. I really enjoy cooking on that set, and wanted to expand my assets with something that could hold temperature for my longer cooks without requiring quite so much care-and-feeding, so I designed/built two drum smokers. I now cook at least 4 times per week on one of these sets. I get fantastic results from all of them (and have made my share of mistakes as well). I typically use the off-set for anything 3 hours or less in cook time, and use the UDS sets for anything longer.

    My Interests:
    Obviously cooking is a big hobby of mine and I spend a considerable amount of time feeding family and friends. Usually the dog weasels his way into some scraps as well. My wife and two children (daughter 15 and son 12) are my co-pilots in cooking and all other things. I'm also an online game addict.

    Favorite Drinks:
    Mixed drink - hands down it's my top shelf margarita on the rocks
    Beer - Palm (got hooked on this in Belgium years ago and it's now being imported), St Arnold Amber (local Houston brewer) and Sierra Nevada Pale Ale
    Wine - Caymus Special Selection

    My Profession:
    I spend most of my time running an oilfield services company that cleans and recycles waste water so that it can be used again.
    I also own a small software company that tracks materials for large engineering projects (power plants, off-shore drill rigs, compressor stations, etc.).

    I look forward to receiving and sharing knowledge and stories with all of you!


    Welcome to The Pit Nukes from Houston! Glad to have you here. You sound like you have the right passion for cooking, you'll make a great addition to our community. I like how you mentioned you received some experience from chefs who taught instead of just yelled. That's a similar outlook we have here too. We like to share and teach since that's how we all improve.

    Great job on your signature.

    Since this is your first post, please check out our homework assignment post for new members, it contains a few how-tos and please-dos.

    Hope to hear & see more from you!



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