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New guy from the "other" Wyoming

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    New guy from the "other" Wyoming

    I was born in London, Ontario, Canada in 1962. I gave up the city living 37 years ago and I currently reside in Wyoming Ontario. I have a great wife, two daughters and twin grandsons going on two years old.
    I don't spend much time around a BBQ these days since my wife proved to be much better at it. However I do have a good friend around the corner that smokes and BBQ's constantly. He also directed me to Amazing Ribs. (Shout out to Peter M.)
    So not to be outdone by my wife I stopped on the way home last night and purchased a Napoleon Kettle Grill. Today I am going out buy the charcoal and perhaps a decent temperature probe.
    And this is where I could use a couple of tips:
    1)For my first crack at using the grill is there type of beef I should try out that is more forgiving to my newbie mistakes?
    2)When purchasing a digital temperature gauge should I get a dual unit. One probe for meat and one for grill temperature?

    I look forward to learning from you folks

    UPDATED: SO I got lots of great advice from all you great people and I ended up buying a 3 lb. cross rib roast. The price was right and if I screwed up I was only out a 16 bucks. I also picked up the Weber chimney starter.
    I used the side burner on my BBQ to start the coals then dumped them into the slow and sear baskets on each side of the grill. I was shooting for 225 to 250. What I got was 600 and climbing. (Note to self USE LESS COAL NEXT TIME). I used tongs to remove 3/4 of the coal and got the temp down to 250.
    My buddy (Argoboy) brought his Maverick over and showed me how to use it.
    After that everything was smooth sailing. I placed the roast directly over the coals for a few minutes to sear the edges. Roast turned out better then expected and the family was very pleased with it.
    Next weekend it will be ribs!
    Thank you everyone for the great ideas and hints

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    Last edited by Chris_n_Wyoming; October 20, 2019, 05:44 PM. Reason: Update showing my first smoked piece of beef

    Welcome from Maryland. I would recommend you get a unit that has at least 2 probes. It doesn’t really cost that much more than a single probe unit and it is handy to know the actual temperature at the level of the meat, especially as you are learning a new skill and grill. Hopefully you are already versed in two zone cooking and if not the site has good articles on it.
    Take a look at the recipe for Baltimore Pit Beef for an easy, and delicious, method to cook some inexpensive beef.


      Welcome to the Pit! Yes, get a good digital thermometer, we have reviews here on them also, good luck and show us what you're cooking!


        Greetings from South Africa


          Welcome from Tennessee. Definitely get a temp monitor with 2 probes. If you can spring for a maverick xr50 with 4 probes, even better. Or go high end with a fireboard system. Whatever you start with, hanging around here will make you want more...


            Welcome to the pit from Southern Illinois!


              Welcome from Minnesota. Have fun with your New Grill.


                Welcome from Colorado ...
                1. Fatty cuts tend to be more forgiving than lean.
                2. Absolutely get yourself one or more leave-in digital probes. Before the Thermoworks Smoke came out, I used two ChefAlarms. Now I tend to use the Smoke.
                3. Also, get yourself an instant-read thermometer. The leave-in will tell you when it's time to start poking around with the instant-read to determine precisely when it's time to pull and serve. Personally, I favor the Thermoworks Thermapen. Their Pop is more affordable and very good also.


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                  A+ advice!

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                  I ordered the ThermoPro TP20. Was on sale at Amazon which made it about half the price of the maverick. It had great reviews. Will try it next weekend when I attempt to do ribs!

                Welcome from Chico, CA. You will love it here. However, it looks like you want to compete with your wife so don't let her in on the advice you get. Always use private browsing mode on the computer while looking up recipes and techniques. HA! I would also look into getting a Slow and Sear if they make one for your unit. https://abcbarbecue.com/the-magic-of-slow-n-sear/


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                  SnS indeed!

                Welcome to the Pit!
                Cheers from Norway!


                  Welcome from the California Delta


                    Welcome to the pit from La Crosse, Wi


                      Glad to have you join the group,I have been watching for your first post, it is well worth the price of admission. Meathead says pulled pork is a good place to start, very forgiving and less expensive too. You could also take it off around180F and slice it.


                      • Chris_n_Wyoming
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                        thanks for your help today buddy. I was referring to you as MY MENTOR

                      Welcome from Western Massachusetts. I have a smoke, dot and thermapen mk4. Happy with all.Get lots of grill clips for the grate probe. I seem to misplace them on a regular basis. Please share pictures of your cooks.


                        Welcome to The Pit. Chuck roasts are very forgiving to smoke. Just look for one with the most marbling you can find. Smoke it 'till it's probe tender, (normally 203* F +), rest it in a cooler wrapped in 2 layers of foil with enough towels it take up the rest of the space. Then shred and serve on a roll with whatever you think will up the taste.



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