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Lunkhead, the NC newb

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    Lunkhead, the NC newb

    New guy from Eastern NC.
    I have been a die hard charcoal griller for my adult life. My boys got me a propane smoker for Christmas. I am so hooked it is not funny. I was greatly impressed with what I learned on this site in a short time. Joining was an easy decision.
    Retired USMC pilot, by trade. Can't wait until football season returns to see what banter that brings.

    Thanks for your service. Had a buddy and a cousin in the Marines.

    Thanks for the support!!


      Welcome Lunkhead. We're glad you're here! You have the best user name I've run into in quite a while.

      Let's see how small a world we live in. I went through Undergraduate Flight Training at Navy Pensacola back in 1996... VT-4 Squadron... Ever fly with them? I was a USAF C-130 Nav, separated in 2005.


        I got Winged in P'Cola in 1991. Spent the next two decades in CH-46s (with a few years flying a couple different shiny green and white helos). As you know, a call sign is earned...


          Originally posted by Lunkhead View Post
          a call sign is earned...
          NICE. Mine is Darwin. It's been ten years since someone got me to tell the story behind THAT one... lol


            Welcome, and Semper Fi. I was SRT which is kinda like SWAT and earned the nickname Captain America, but it was quickly decided that it was tool cool a name for how it was earned. We were practicing entrances on a house that was about to be demolished; I was covering the side and was supposed to come in last once they were all in, I didn't see that the glass storm door closed and I ran right into, and luckily through it.
            Captain America sounds pretty good, ketchup does not, but that is what they called me the rest of my time in.


              Darwin, ketchup, and Lunkhead. We need some cooler call signs, for sure. I foresee a "How did you get your nickname?" thread coming


                I think we got that already... I ain't telling my story though


                  It's almost like a challenge. A BBQ gathering, some medicinal rum, a few war stories... We'll see.


                    I'm in! Can't tell tall tales as well as you jarheads but I'll do my best!


                      Welcome to The Pit Lunkhead ! I cannot contribute any war stories or fancy heli or jet-flying stories. But one time I stayed at a Holiday Inn Express....so...that's pretty much equally as cool...right?

                      Since this is your first post, please check out our homework assignment post for new members, it contains a few how-tos and please-dos.

                      Hope to hear & see more from you!



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