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New Member from Central Texas

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    New Member from Central Texas

    Howdy y'all (I say that tongue in cheek to play to the stereotype)

    I have gotten so much value from this site in the last couple of months that I felt like I just had to join and help support/show my appreciation.

    I live in Georgetown, Texas, which is 30 miles north of Austin. Pretty much smack dab on the north end of the famous Central Texas BBQ Belt. It's 28 miles east to the famous Louie Mueller's in Taylor, 64 miles west to Cooper's in Llano, 35 miles to Franklin's in Austin (I have not yet been) and 68 miles down to Kreuz's in Lockhart

    I'm a military brat, born in Heidelberg, Germany and raised in El Paso, Texas. Since then, I lived in Lubbock, Richmond, VA, Dallas, Euless TX, Grapevine TX, Katy TX, and now Georgetown. If you're familiar at all with Texas you'll detect a pattern there moving from west to east in then into the center.

    Happily married, father of two boys ages 15 and 13. They all enjoy my cooking but don't seem to interested in learning (yet - and that includes my wife)

    I'm new to low/slow BBQ'ing but have been a ignorant griller for some time. This website has really opened my eyes (and my wallet...)

    About three months ago on another sports-related forum, someone recommended GrillGrates to another poster. It caught my eye and I searched around and ended up on this site. Everything here just clicked with me and I've been reading and trying things out since then.

    I have a 22inch Weber Performer and a small 2-burner Kenmore gas grill. I bought the GrillGrates, (which I love) and then after reading on this site, decided to try smoking some ribs with a smoker box holding wood chips. That turned out better than expected and led to me getting the Smokenator for the Weber. Now I have a PitMaster IQ on its way after several rounds of smoking ribs, pork butts, one brisket and some others.

    My goal is to perfect a technique for brisket and continue to get better and better at the others. Looking forward to the discussion and continued learning through the additional benefits of the Pitmaster Club!

    Welcome - stick with the pros like Jerod and Huskee on the brisket and they'll make you look good!

    I am guessing that with Frankiln's advertising and his appearance as a judge on BBQ Pitmasters that Franklin's is extra-extra hard to get in with all of the asses and elbows that show up.

    I've seen pictures of the line outside his place and its one of two things: Killer food or Communism. Given that it is in Austin it could be a toss-up. lol

    Cheers and enjoy!


      Welcome, and let me know when you get that perfect brisket.


        Welcome Penske... you came to the right place. Lots of great info here.


          Welcome and thanks for the support!!!

          Georgetown, home of Double G Archery. Always saw it on the map for indoor shoots, never could make the drive from far east Texas.


            Hello Penske , welcome to the Pit


              Welcome Penske. Try Pecan Lodge next time you're in Dallas. Awesome brisket!


                Hi there PenskeFile. Do I sense a Seinfeld reference there?

                Welcome to The Pit! Your story is similar to many, the part about internet research, finding AR, trying some techniques, loving the results, getting more involved in BBQing, getting better gear, etc, etc, etc.

                Here's some 'new member' homework for you:

                When you get a minute check out Pit Boss' Welcome & Announcements channel, as well as the tips posts in that channel. These will help you learn your way around The Pit, as well as set up your signature (tip #1) with your equipment.

                There's also a post that explains the best way to post nice big pics here... we like to see bragging pictures of your equipment and your cooks.

                We look forward to hearing more from you! Enjoy!


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                  Indeed it is a Seinfeld reference. I was a big fan back in the day and used that as a username on another forum back when I had just given 2-weeks notice at work. My boss joked that he was going to make me work on the Penske File like George Costanza.

                Hey Penske, nice to meet ya.


                  Thanks for the welcome guys! I just worked on my signature and should hopefully get to add the IQ110 temp controller when it arrives tomorrow.



                    Welcome, Georgetown, TX! Just show those boys of yours how to cook good BBQ. They may not act interested now, but someday you'll get a call from one or both of them when they are in college and have volunteered to cook for all their friends during a tailgate. They'll remember, "dad knows how to do this and I bragged to all my friends that I know how to make kick ass BBQ..."


                      Welcome. I love Georgetown. I'm an old UT boy from the 80s and hung around Austin for several years after graduation.


                        "Arthur Penske, of the Penske file."

                        "I've just completed transferring the contents of this file to this flexible, accordion-style folder here."

                        "You've put a lot of work into this. Would you ever consider coming to work directly for me?"

                        "Now you are aware that----" "Mr Penske, they're towing your car!..."



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