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Greetings from Houston-

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    Greetings from Houston-

    As a life long pan-Southerner I realized it was time to step my bbq game up. This website has been a HUGE help and I can not count how many smiles "my" pulled pork has put on peoples faces. (That's either because I've fed a lot of people, or because I went to public school in Arkansas and never learned to count)

    Regardless, this site and community has been a real asset and I'm looking forward to being more involved.

    Currently - I think I've always done pretty good steaks but am working on taking them to the next level.
    - Continuing to blow people's minds with an A+ pork shoulder can be done on a gas grill. (But will be moving to an "actual" smoker soon)
    - Always in search of a better hamburger
    - Have a smoked catfish that is a-maz-ing. Sounds strange, but give it a shot.
    - Getting up to speed on my doing all this on my brand new grill.

    Just purchased (with the help of your reviews and insite) A Broil King Baron 540 and due to a mistake at Lowe's, only cost me $200), set up with 2 grill grates on one side for the hot side of 2 zone cooking.

    Maverick ET-732 Redi-Check, which is a lifesaver for making great bbq without disturbing the football game

    2 dauchshunds that vigilantly guard my grill from all intruders, and varmits.

    Wooooo Pig Sooooooieeee

    I also brew beer, make my own gin and bourbon, and prefer to get my meat from the woods rather than the store, whenever possible.

    Firmly believe that the barbeque is better with friends.

    HELLO BF! Looking forward to see you cooks and learning from you.

    Cant wait to see that guard dogs as well: http://pitmaster.amazingribs.com/for...w-us-your-pets


      Good to have ya!!

      Thanks for the support.

      I'm about 3 hours northeast of houston.

      I have 2 deer in the freezer. No piggees around yet this year. Figures, I'm tagged out antlerless wise.


        Greetings BFlynn! Great intro post, kudos on the deal at Lowes. And that's cool you're makign your own bourbon and gin. Do you use juniper berries? Do you buy supplies for it or do you pick/forage them? Curious to hear about that. I've long wanted to set up a [secret] still and attempt it. I don't want to make swill, get arrested, or blow my face off, so these are reasons why I haven't tried it yet.

        Let's get to work on your signature now, check out this tip here to set it up.

        Next check out our picture posting writeup....and you'll be in business!

        Look forward to hearing/seeing more from you!


          Welcome BF!! You are really going to enjoy yourself here. I look forward to your posts and Pics.


            Welcome BFlynn. I'd like to see pics of those steaks you're perfecting



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