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Long-Time Listener, First-Time Caller

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    Long-Time Listener, First-Time Caller

    I have spent nearly a decade chasing a flavor. I lived in Central Texas (Austin to be specific) in 2004 and 2005 and during that time became chemically-addicted to BBQ. Which was weird to me, because up until that point, BBQ was always just sort of a "meh" sort of food.

    I grew up, and currently live, in Eastern Washington State. To say that local BBQ is terrible would be an insult to things that are legitimately terrible.

    My journey has taken me from gas grill, to Traeger, to offset Texas-Style smoker, to Smokenator, to (most recently) a large BGE with BBQ Guru Blower. Brisket is my main drug of choice, and I have been able to achieve meat-candy nirvana a few times. Not every time, not even close actually, but it has been enough for me to keep up the chase.

    I grill a lot too, probably 4-5 days a week in the summer and 2-3 days the rest of the year. My wife an I eat low-carb, so that's convenient.

    When I am not busying myself with applying fire and smoke to hunks of animal flesh, I run two technology companies, a responsive web design/development business and an IT business. I think it is interesting how often technology work and BBQ go together. My hunch is that it has something to do with both the mechanical precision as well as creative problem-solving (and maybe just a little of the mastering of complicated processes and tools) good BBQ demands.

    I have worked in an around the web since about 2000, especially in the areas of Internet business (e.g. ecommerce), strategy, product design, and management. I love building digital stuff and nothing makes me happier than helping other people win.

    Although I currently live in E. Washington, my aim is to make a move to S. Cal in the next year or so. In addition to being ruined for any sub-mind-blowing BBQ after having lived in TX, I have also been ruined for the winters. Once you have experienced 70-degree days in January, it's sure hard to go back to pretending that two feet of snow and temps in the teens is even remotely tolerable.

    Anyhow, so that's me. I really appreciate the awesome resources this site provides. The forums are quite enlightening, and the video on salt was a revelation (of any tweak that I have ever made, salting early has made the biggest impact on the end product). Harry was awesome as well, a big inspiration. Thanks for listening.

    Great intro!!!!

    Welcome and thanks for the support!!!!

    One of the top things I love about the net also, being able to help soooo many people.


      Welcome John sounds like you got lots BBQ miles... I am sure we will learn some good stuff from you


        Hello John, Welcome aboard.


          Welcome. It was my years in Austin (about 2 decades before you) that began my BBQ love and led to my smoking addiction too. I also spent 15 years near the beach in the L.A. area because I detest winter. (Unfortunately, love brought me Back East - though we dream of getting back to SoCal at some point).


            As I get older, it seems to more than just a winter thing too. I find I crave natural environments a lot more, and I generally want to be outside more than inside (probably stemming from misspent 20's and early 30's, spending WAY too much time behind computer screens). Plus, there is just something magical about the beach on a sunny day.


            • The Burn
              The Burn commented
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              I have always said that even a gray day at the beach is better than a day elsewhere. If you haven't spent time there - hang out in Hermosa Beach, my old environs. And there's nothing like an early morning bike ride on The Strand from Hermosa, through Manhattan Beach, El Segundo, and Playa del Rey

            • john.coleman24
              john.coleman24 commented
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              I appreciate the tip. If things go to plan, the family and I will be nailing down where we are going next spring. I have spent some time in both Encinitas and La Jolla and was thoroughly enchanted. However, being closer to LA probably makes more sense for work opportunities (although after working 100% remote for almost a decade I am less and less inclined to actually beleive this is so).

            Welcome John, like Jerod said great intro post. Look forward to hearing more from you. The only thing I disagree with you on is I LOVE snow! Last year here in MI was a record. We didn't get any mammoth 18-24" storms, but we got about 3" nearly every day all winter and it never melted. We had 3-4' in most areas, but in time it settles so it only ever looked like 2' everywhere all winter.

            If you need help setting up your signature just holler!


            • Guest's Avatar
              Guest commented
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              I am glad to hear someone likes snow and cold weather because the Euro snowbirds are starting to arrive to spend the winter on my island. This is an annual problem here in Phuket and it is very annoying as they raise the prices on just about everything and they do not like BBQ. At least real BBQ, they seem to believe it is very clever to boil ribs first then overcook on the grill while explainong how superior and time-saving this method is. Perhaps you could start some kind of snow appreciation course or something to keep then at home. Think of this as a humantarian effort to prevent the spread of bad BBQ or something, better yet teach them to boil the ribs in melted snow water because they ain't never going find any of that here.

              Coming soon pity photos of me braving the tropical sun to BBQ on the beach in mid winter.

            • Huskee
              Huskee commented
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              You are hereby charged with the task of informing the touristas what REAL Q is! When I say real Q I mean 'southern [U.S.] barbecue'. Anyone can grill anything and technically call it BBQ, but I disagree and it sound like you do too. If you boil ribs the terrorists win! Spread the world.


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