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Hello from Long Island

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    Hello from Long Island

    I know...i know BBQ from NY. But i like to differ from NYC, just joined a little while ago. Been smoking for 2 yrs on my backyard smoke n pit (modded) and master forge vertical gas (modded). I know they suck but since i made sone adjustments there not to bad for now. I have my 30th this year so my wifes getting me 2 wsm for my bday. Went to a few comps here and was very dissappointed by the quality alot of stuff was cooked. So decided next season ill b entering some comps. Not to crazy but im excited. Found some great recipes on here that imma test over the winter. Also if nobody has i recommend listening to the podcast of the BBQ Central Show. Been listening to the archives and theres some great tips and new information that anybody could benefit from. Anyways wanted to stop in and say watsup.....

    Hello Stokin', welcome aboard! Glad to hear from you here. If i were you I'd feel really good about entering a competition where the food isn't great, you're almost guaranteed to take home a trophy. I keep thinking that about a local grill-off held in my town at the grocery store. This year's "Rib Cook Off" amounted to quite a few old timers with their gas grills and flames shooting up flipping their racks of ribs. I didn't see one actual smoker. It was facepalm city seeing this display. I though about going in and blowing them away next year then I thought what's the use....not much bragging rights if I did win, lol.

    Look forward to hearing more from you. Let me know if you need help setting up your signature.


      Welcome, just had some great food out your way not too long ago, can't say I remember seeing any BBQ joints though I'd like to try Dinosaur BBQ just to see.
      Soo get you sold on the WSM?


        Welcome Stokin! What part of that 110-mile Island are you from? I grew up in Levittown


          Hello SSB, Welcome



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