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    G'Day All Scott is the name
    HighHopes is the handle I selected as it seemed as applicable here as it does as the name of our hunt camp.
    Born, Raised and Residing in the upper Ottawa Valley.
    In between time I have lived in various locations throughout the US and Canada.

    With a degree in Chemical Engineering and practicing Project Manager in the Industrial Automation space I seem to fit in with many of the other geeks I have read about here already.

    In my childhood years our family summer vacations were spent on the shore of a lake cooking primarily over an open fire. Fall hunting is a family heritage that continues to this day. In my days as a Project Engineer I traveled to many obscure parts of the world where I actively and enthusiastically sought out the true local cuisine and flavour. My years in Alberta provided me the opportunity to enjoy some of the worlds best hunting opportunities as well as introduced me to a good friend who is a butcher. I can say my culinary and BBQ skills really started to develop with this friendship but I was spoiled by having access to his professional equipment.

    Now that I have moved back to Upper Canada I've needed to stand on my own two feet so to speak.
    I butcher my own game (and that of many others). I make my own sausage, primarily venison / pork mix.
    It was really in a desire to produce smoke sausage that I purchased an electric vertical smoker from the clearance bin last year (hard to believe it was only a year ago). After having a true 'smokehouse' on the drawing board for years I decided $100 was easier than a building project and would get me 'into the game'.

    In the past year I have smoked about;
    100lbs of sausage
    50lbs of summer sausage.
    A score of chickens
    A dozen turkeys
    And wore out the little electric smoker. I can't complain I think I got my $100 out of it.

    Then I saw an offset smoker in the same clearance bin, turns out it was the same weekend that my electric finally melted down.

    Smoking on Charcoal an apple wood was such a step up. But in short order I came to realize (before reading it here) that the bargain offsets were 'fun to play with' but were an unreliable method of cooking. Or at least cooking the same thing twice.

    With the impending Canadian winter and the seeming reluctance of my family to any longer eat anything cooked by electricity, I have recently purchased a Broil King Keg (on seasonal clearance, see a pattern here?).

    Well I guess this forum is for an introduction and not a life history so I'll close here.
    Looking forward to sharing (mostly learning) from all of you.

    Keep your stick on the ice.

    Hey High, hunting any deer up there. I shot a little one with my bow this morning. Opening day here in east Texas.

    My luck with the bow is few and far b/n.

    Welcome and thanks for the support!!!


    • HighHopes
      HighHopes commented
      Editing a comment
      I saw your post last night.
      I wasn't sure from the post and pictures if you were more excited for the deer or the snake. 😃
      Well done. Nice shot, I think I saw the exit (or entry hard to tell with an arrow) by the shoulder on one picture.
      You were talking of heights in the post? Were you using a climber?

      When living in Alberta I likely would Have had a Whitetail Doe about now. Out west I would commonly start the season with about 6-7 tags due to range of species available and the various regulations between archery and firearms. When living there we would not buy any red meat. If I wasn't successful getting a share of an elk or moose then 4 deer or so would get us by.
      Now in Ontario I only can have one deer tag per year and the moose are 7hrs or more drive and you essentially need an outfitter. So now the deer hunt is fun and a family outing but not something you can survive on. Archery starts here soon but I generally don't have an issue filling my tag in rifle season when I am going to hunt with others anyway. Long way to say the early archery season it is no longer a priority, if I have a tag left in the late season I try to fill it then.

    Hey Scott, Great to meet you! Looking forward to seeing some pics and hearing of your cooks and such


      Hey Scott, welcome! Great job filling out your signature. Great intro post, well done! Thsoe BKKs are nice, I would probably go with one of those before an egg, but that's just me. No offense to the egg heads. In your experiences roaming around northern Canada I'm wondering if you've ever run into Les Stroud? Ha ha.

      By now you've probably already read Pit Boss' Welcome & Announcements channel, but be sure to check out the picture posting writeup in there, it helps you see how to post nice big pics. Because you're going to have to share some with us now!



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