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Eh, man, wanna smoke?

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    Eh, man, wanna smoke?

    (Sorry, I couldn't help myself. My nephew is watching Cars, and I hear Cheech Marin's voice.)

    Hello from beautiful Brookfield, WI!

    In 2011, I bought a Char Griller Duo and smoked my first ribs - they turned out great! Well, at least the first time. As I added more meat, I had the typical COS problems: uneven heat, temperature issues. The only thing I miss on that beast is the side burner for starting charcoal. But hey, it got me started.

    When I realized the Weber I had was better, I got a Smokenator. I maxed the capacity out and began eyeing the Pit Barrel Cooker. I finally took the plunge a week ago, and did 8 racks of baby backs for Father's Day. I also finally joined the Pitmaster Club; I am now wondering why it took me so long to do either.

    I enjoy entertaining whether it's around smoked meat or not. I also like cooking for others. Oh, and mixing cocktails too. The photo in my profile is me enjoying a Mint Julep on Derby Day in my Keeneland julep cup (we have a party almost every year). I have a great family: a loving wife who goes along with my whims to invite people over (and probably outworks me during those occasions), and three teenage kids. My seventeen year-old son grilled for thirty people on his own when he was 12. My daughters bake a lot, including stuff you might see on Cupcake Wars. My wife is also great in the kitchen.

    When I'm not grilling in season, I am probably watching baseball (my son or the Brewers). I coached for a few years, and like BBQ, baseball seemingly simple, laden with hidden details, and uniquely American. Otherwise, I'm probably listening to music on vinyl (it sounds way better - duh!), or watching a movie (often something old). During those activities, you are likely to find a libation near me.

    Happy cooking, and thanks for the welcome!


    (AKA A-Stre)

    allenorris Welcome to the Pit. We are happy to have you. The Pit Barrel Cooker is a hell of a cooker. There are a lot of PBC faithfuls in here. (Myself included) fzxdoc Has a great thread in the Pit all about the PBC. IF you have PBC questions, that where you go. I think Its under the PBC forum. Great spot to start. Link is below.



      Welcome aboard, Allen!


        Welcome allenorris


          Goodness, Allen. I read your intro - looks like you like a lot of things I like in addition to grilled meat: old movies, vinyl records, baseball (uh, Nats are playing the Brewers shortly), and libations at hand. Of course, I've been enjoying these for half a century. In short, I think you are in the right place.


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            Yes, and so far we've taken two in a row from the Nationals. šŸ˜€

          Welcome allenorris. Great introduction. Looking forward to seeing you around The Pit!


            Welcome to The Pit allenorris! Thanks for joining up with us. Wow, that's some kid- cooking for 30 people on his own when he was 12? This dude should be a member here too!

            Since this is your first post, please check out our homework assignment post for new members, it contains a few how-tos and please-dos. This will help you learn your way around so you can get the best experience from our forum.

            Also, it's very important that you add the domain AmazingRibs.com to your email safe list in case you are ever drawn as our monthly Gold Medal Giveaway winner!

            Hope to hear & see more from you!


              Welcome to Rhe Pit and welcome to The Obsession!


                Welcome to fun in the Pit!


                  My son is a Pitmaster-in-the-waiting. He's enjoyed those grilling and smoking sessions as a bonding experience. During cooks we've played catch, frisbee, and I've even straightened out his pitching mechanics while meat was cooking on the grill. All we need is an Apple Pie and a Chevrolet. Oh and the third American "B." Bourbon!


                    allenorris, Welcome to The Pit! You are Now Enrolled in the BBQ Univ.! Attendance is Mandatory! What Took You So Long?
                    Eat Well and Prosper! From a Backyard Cremator in Fargo ND, Dan




                        Welcome! When I'm grilling or BBQing I am listening to the Pirates on Sirius XM, I prefer listening on the radio to watching on TV. I have thousands of vinyl records, but I am in the process of giving them away to random worthy music fans, I just don't listen any more. IMO the '70s was the best decade for movies, but great movies can be found from the '20s through yesterday. IMO the best year recently was 2010: The King's Speech, 127 Hours, The Black Swan, the Social Network, True Grit, The Kids Are Alright, Exit Through the Gift Shop, Restrepo, Winter's Bone, The Fighter, Inception, Let Me In, Winnebago Man, Deathly Hallows (Part 1),... even Iron Man 2 was worthwhile. Just a great year for film.


                          Welcome....yeah...baseball, booze and bbq....gets no better than that....


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                            Babe's have to fit in that list somewhere.šŸ˜†


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