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First Grill/Smoker Purchase

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    If I had $2k to spend I would look at either the Yoder or Mac pellet grills. Both are set it and forget it. Great if you have kids to keep track of while preparing food. I would also add that Green Mountain Grills has a lot of value for the $ if you want to spend less on a pellet grill.
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      Originally posted by JeffCBBQ View Post
      Thanks everyone!!! Please keep suggestions coming. Definitely some interesting choices. I did not know about the Pit Barrel Cooker, very interesting. And I know the BGE guys rave about them. I wonder if maybe I should have a combo of gas for convenience and charcoal for flavor (i.e. when I have a full day to cook).
      You'll have to pry my gasser from my cold, dead hands! For convenience they can't be beat; twist a knob, push a button and 5-10 minutes later you're cooking. I went from a cheap Char-Broil to a Weber Spirit to a Genesis S330, I love it! That'll eat $900 or so off your $2.5K budget off the bat but it'll last practically forever.

      That leaves you $1500 for a charcoal grill/smoker, that would buy you a Summit Charcoal. I have to admit I'm prejudiced, since I got mine I've sold my Performer/SNS and my WSM 18. With the Extender(think Hovergrill) you can easily get 5 racks of ribs on it flat but I'm not sure about using stacked racks. I'll try it and see, I'm sure you could use a rack on top of the extender but not sure a loaded one will fit under. It's not as "set it and forget it" as a pellet smoker but I'm not sure how you'd grill a steak on a pellet smoker.

      The SCG will grill hot, indirect and smoke while being easy to maintain low'n'slow temps. It's basically a steel kamado that doesn't take as long to heat up or cool down as a ceramic cooker. And it comes with all the accessories you need.

      Anyway, that's my $.02 worth. Best of luck with whatever you decide to buy!


      • billg71
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        (continued): I replaced it with the Genesis because I wanted more cooking space and the front-to-rear burners. If not for that, I'd still be cooking on it.

        I've been in construction for over 40 years and if there's one thing I've learned it's that nothing is more expensive than a cheap tool.

      • Black99vette
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        billg71, thanks! I kind of figured that was answer. I was looking at the Genesis S-330 as well. I have a friend from work who had a webber gasser for 20 years and used it 3 to 4 times a week year around. That isn't easy in Chicago. I agree, buy quality.

      • Potkettleblack
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        Another vote for the Weber 330. I have the E-330, which is functionally the same as the S, but easier to keep looking nice and with junkier grill grates.

      Welcome to The Pit JeffCBBQ! Thanks for joining up with us. Choices, choices...it's never easy! I like Jerod's idea best I think. Or even the PBC and the 26" kettle plus the Slow 'N Sear XL for it. You will be in great BBQ shape with either option. A kamado cooker is a great option too. I realize I did not help your decision in the slightest. You are welcome


        Thanks everyone, very much appreciate it.
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          Buy a Pit Barrel - $300
          Also Buy a Weber Gasser - $800
          Also Buy a Weber Kettle $200'ish
          Also Buy Pellet Cooker (Green Mountain Grills Daniel Boone is $550)

          I think you might have a few hundy leftover buying all of these to boot!!

          You are now set to conquer the BBQ/Grilling world with every option you need AND your wife won't think you're weird for feeding fires with an off-set...which doesn't make YOU weird...it might make HER a little weird...but not you!! ;-)


            If you are just cooking for your family, I agree with BBQCentralShow, go with a smaller pellet cooker such as the GMG Daniel Boone. Instead of a Pit Barrel, I'd go with the 22" WSM with a fan control (because again you want set and forget -- something like the Pitmaster IQ). I'd also then get a Weber Kettle with Propane assist for grilling with a SnS. This way you get the ease of starting the charcoal quickly and the taste of cooking on charcoal. You have also turned it into a multitasker that can produce amazing results. With propane assist I think you don't need the gasser and by not getting the gasser, you get the WSM and a nicer kettle for the same price.

            With this set up you can cook for a family or an army.

            GMG Daniel Boone - $550
            Weber 22.5' Performer - $400
            Slow and Sear - $90
            WSM 22.5' - $400
            Pitmaster IQ 120 - $200

            And most importantly get a Thermapen - $80 (I know it says $99 bucks now, but they go on sale often and buy then)

            You are all in and kicking butt at $1720. You also have a ton of different cooking options, a ton of set and forget, and the ability to cook different meats at different temps and different wood flavor profiles.
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              Buy a MAK one star and a 22" Weber Kettle with a Smoke N Sear. MAK is made just right up the road in Dallas, OR and they are truly the biggest innovator in the pellet grill manufacturing market. You'll even have some money left after buying this setup.


                Am a bit surprised no one mentioned the PG500, seems to be pretty versatile. Maybe too versatile?


                • BBQCentralShow
                  BBQCentralShow commented
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                  The PG1000 is also tremendous!

                My 26" Weber Kettle with a Smokenator is my most versatile grill by far. I use that the most but I have a Traeger pellet smoker for the really long low cooks that I don't have time to sit around and babysit.


                  Alright I think I've narrowed it down to three choices. My thinking is...I can get a gas grill anytime and right now it would be convenient but nothing new or exciting. On the other end of the spectrum, I'm a total amateur at smoking so don't wanna go there yet with anything too dedicated. Though the Pit Barrel Cooker seems like a no brainer at some pt. With that said....I am thinking one of these three choices to start. Rec-Tec, PG500, or Primo Oval XL. I think I would be happy with either of those. Primo is clearly more work/learning curve, but man food from a ceramic is just damn good.


                    Welcome JeffCBBQ The RecTec is a dang good cooker/smoker especially with a 6 year warranty. Haven't had no problems with mine in the 2+ years that I have had it.


                      Welcome JeffCBBQ! Wow $1200-$2000 budget, eh? So many choices... #firstworldproblems
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                      • JeffCBBQ
                        JeffCBBQ commented
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                        Ha, what is your advice???

                      • gon4good20
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                        Webber Kettle. Explanation was too long for comment so I posted full reply below.

                      For that money I'd get a Weber Summit charcoal grill but I'm biased.
                      I have a Weber 18.5 WSM, a 22.5 Weber kettle with an SNS and a smokenator, A weber Genisis Silver gasser and a Weber Spirit 320 gasser. I also have a Weber smokey Joe as well.


                      • JeffCBBQ
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                        Wow. Do u work for Weber? I bave comsidered it. Man seems expensive for charcoal but im sure its a fine grill. 2000 with a cart seems a bit much

                      • JeffCBBQ
                        JeffCBBQ commented
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                        Wow. Do u work for Weber? I bave considered it. Man seems expensive for charcoal but im sure its a fine grill. 2000 with a cart seems a bit much

                      • Greasy
                        Greasy commented
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                        No I don't work for weber, I'm in Hawaii. I have just had great luck with Weber products and that is what I would look at if spending a G and a half. My Kettle with SNS and my WSM are all I need to make great que. They even come camping with me.

                      JeffCBBQ, think of the SCGC as a fully decked out BGE XL with some bonuses(they heat up and cool off faster) and the big table is included. It's not your granddad's charcoal grill by any means.

                      My only bitch is that there's no plain vanilla grate for it but your local BGE dealer can fix that for a paltry $90 with the XL stainless grate. Weber hasn't yet figured out that some of their customers don't have any use for the Gourmet system. Hopefully they will and I can finally get a grate with the flip-up sides and handles in stainless.

                      Everything is relative.....


                        Well it seems we have a similar background in BBQ. I also consider myself a fairly decent armature "chef" and I always used primarily gas grills up until a few years ago when I discovered this site and the versatility of a Webber Kettle. When I first visited AR.com I was drawn to all the equipment reviews (and recipes and science and...)and was eager to jump in and buy something really nice. Then it occurred to me that maybe I should just start with something basic and see how it goes. I settled on the Webber Kettle because it's simple, inexpensive and there seemed to be endless ways to use it. I figured if I could produce good quality results with it then maybe I was worthy of something pricier. Also, there are many modifications and aftermarket parts available such as the SNS. That paired with a good thermostat/temperature controller you can seemingly turn it into a set-it-and-[sort of]forget-it smoker.

                        I recently graduated to a Karubecue C-60 pit but unfortunately have not had the chance to take it for a spin. Ugh, life... If it interests you head over to https://pitmaster.amazingribs.com/fo...d-smokers/logs Lots of good testimonials about it there.

                        Hope this helps!
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