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Will Travel for Food

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    Will Travel for Food

    Apparently, I didn't realize I had a homework assignment as a new-ish member around here. Already posted a few things elsewhere, but haven't posted an intro yet.

    So.... "hi!"

    Outdoor cookery: natural gas-fed Weber Genesis LX. Somewhere in storage is a mostly unused basic Weber kettle, which I've been meaning to actually try to use for real. Been contemplating/browsing over all the pellet grills, electric standalone smokers, and Giant Avocado (or similar), but lack of storage and deck space has put that on hold temporarily. But it will happen - oh yes, it will.

    Have really enjoyed not having to deal with propane tanks -- that alone has made the gas cooking much more interesting. Done multi-hour cooks out there with an A-MAZE tube and pellets, along with cast iron wood chip boxes. Also been considering a Universal Rotisserie add-on eventually as well, but haven't decided if it's really needed either.

    Big fan of Thermoworks products

    Cooking expertise: have a fairly decent handle on gas grilling food to our own liking. Really enjoy using all the toys for Big Cooks, and weekend Fancy Meal cooking is always entertaining. It's not a successful weekend if we haven't utilized Every Tool in the kitchen a few times over. Sous vide? Check. Pasta maker? Why not? ISI creamer? Of course. Smoking Gun? Seemed like a good idea at the time. Two different blenders, two different food processors - doesn't everybody?

    Why yes, we *do* have happen to have two ice cream makers, and three ice cream scoops in the drawer. Why do you ask?

    No Instapot or Air Fryer here. Don't see the rationale for them in our own kitchen, but we recognize why others may like them.

    We watch food tv shows for fun and inspiration. I'll open a thread with our current favorites eventually. There are a quite a few.

    The two books on our coffee table are Meathead's book, along with Kenji's FOOD LAB. We subscribe to Food & Wine, Bon Appetit, Cook's Illustrated, and more -- and try to cook our way through as many of those recipes as seem possible to attempt. Some have gone fairly well, most attempts are reasonable enough. None have gone horrible off the rails.

    Savory cooking may be where the fun is, but baking has its own joy. Last month we attempted a croquembouche just because we could. So we run the gamut when it comes to working in the kitchen.

    Beer? More of an IPA, Pale Ale and Lager/Kolsch side of the fence vs anything heavier.

    Wine? Yes, please - as long as it's red. Big Bold Cabs and Zins work just fine.

    Liquor? Prefer vodka or other clear-based drinks than bourbon/scotch/whiskey stuff. Mojitos or Caipirinhas will do just fine

    We've been know to make road trips specifically to eat at certain restaurants; half the fun is trying to replicate those dishes at home later. Our personal philosophy is that when we go out to eat for a proper meal, we should be eating something that isn't easily or readily replicated at home.

    And we're not afraid to call restaurants to ask the chef about certain ingredients or techniques that we've seen in recipes or on TV to get the lowdown on anything that appears confusing. So far, our success rate in reaching chefs is fairly high (Francois Payard did NOT return our call, dang it)

    Looking forward to talking food with y'all. Let's have some fun.

    You will fit in well here buddy! We will watch your career with great interest!

    Welcome from Chicagoland!


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      LOVE eating in Chicago.

      Finally got to eat at Girl & The Goat. Was as terrific as advertised.

      Big fan of TANTA, a Peruvian place downtown.

    No air fryer? Whaaat? (couldn't resist, just got one as a gift ). Welcome to the Pit from NC!


      Greetings and welcome from North Carolina.


        Howdy from Kansas Territory, Welcome to Th Pit!

        Lookin forward to learnin along with, an from ya!


          Welcome to the Pit!
          Cheers from Norway And


            Welcome from Oz, you will like it here


              Welcome from Virginia!


                Welcome from Chicagoland.

                Next time you're in Chicago, you should try Arun's for Thai food that is beyond description.


                  Welcome from Wisconsin. Glad you could join us!


                    Welcome to the Pit from Dallas, Texas!


                      Welcome from Minnesota.


                        Welcome to The Pit. As mentioned above, you will fit right in.


                          Welcome from northern Illinois!


                            Welcome from the California Delta.



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