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    WTB/ISO DSLR Camera

    Gonna give this a try, both here, an at my guitfiddle forum I frequent.

    Lookin to affordably buy a good, gently used, 100% functional/intact digital DSLR camera.

    Full camera, not jus a body, since I have no post FD lenses.

    Prefers Canon, Rebels considered.

    Either, aither or, thanks, yall...

    Mainly jus hopin somebody, somewhere, upgraded, an has one tucked away, half fergotten, that they might be willin to part with, go to a good home ...
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    I can tell ya that if Max Good wouldn't have accepted my last video "creation" (and I use the term creation looooooooosely) I probably would have shipped this darn Canon to ya for free!!!


    • Mr. Bones
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      Preciate ya replyin, an thinkin after me, Brother Jerod!
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    • Driverdan
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      Mr. Bones, I have a complete Nikon setup with 4 lenses, and anything else available when I was into photography. Message me if interested. Thank you.

    Mr. Bones
    What type of photography are you interested in doing?
    Landscapes, portraits, macro, wide angle, all of the above, no sure just now.

    How much experience do you have with photography?
    Doing if for years, have film SLR experience, had a darkroom setup, looking to replace a digital SLR, want to try digital for first time, friends have talked about SLR and I want one, happy with cell phone pictures but looking for something a bit better, not sure.

    Want to reuse a few legacy canon lenses? Only want canon, open to other makes and models like Nikon, Fuji, Leica, Sony, I’m open to using adapters, but would prefer canon bayonet mounts, Only have one lens and that’s it, I don’t have any lenses, I don’t want to switch lenses at all ever, I don’t know.

    Full frame is the way to go, I’m ok with cropped sensors, nobody needs more than micro 4/3rds, I’m a point and shoot photography person, I just take photos with my cell phone, I love my GoPro or equivalent action camera, I don’t care.

    Looking for high resolution images, sharp and crisp. I’m looking for the most megapixels possible, 60 would be just fine but I could use more, I can do with 40 megapixels, 20 is where I want to be, 12 is fine, 5 is good, what’s this megapixels stuff.

    How much do you want to control?
    I want the camera to make ALL decisions for me ALL of the time and every time... no matter what, I want some help, but only selecting aperture, or shutter speed. Just a little bit of help but not much, I want to control everything Shutter speed, aperture, ISO. I want the camera to do exactly what I want it to do, I make all decisions every time, not sure just now.

    I carry my camera and it’s lenses with me all the time. For this I prefer: Carryon photo bag, a back pack, a shoulder bag, a strap around, on my hand all the time, in my pocket, like a cell phone, I don’t care.

    How much time do you want to spend on a computer working with your pictures?
    I’ll spend hours working with photoshop and other imaging software, I want to use a simple program to edit here and ther, email pictures and make a few prints, I want to share a few pictures, but don’t want to sit in front of a computer all day, I want to send photos from the camera to my friends and family, as is, I don’t know.

    I’ve got Photoshop or equivalent running on a MacPro, I have a regular computer running Photoshop LE or equivalent, I have a free software bundled into my PC and I like it, What’s photoshop? I want Costco or Sams to print my photos, I don’t want to deal with any of this.

    Take a look at these questions and let me know your thoughts. I’ll be happy to suggest or recommend something for you.



    • Mosca
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      When I shot Canon I used to shoot raw and process in Lightroom, then Photoshop. Calibrated my monitor, had one of those pad and pen things, etc.

      When I switched to Olympus I quickly realized that whatever decisions I would make were nowhere near as good as those made by the team of engineers who designed their jpeg engine. I don’t think I have Lightroom installed anywhere now.

      Not a knock against Canon. Just a change in my lifestyle.

    I have a Canon 40D somewhere, but no extra lenses. And you would need a charger. I might have a Nifty Fifty lens, but no promises. It’s yours if you want it.

    ETA: This is a damn nice camera. I replaced it with a 7D. But I went micro 4/3 about 5 years ago.
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