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Red wine ideas for a Brisket BBQ

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    I'd go with a fruitier Shiraz or Zin (lot of flavor but not over the top sweet). They might like some of those country wines with their meal though.

    Oops: I'm a little late I guess
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      We had a nice Christmas, everything went wrong and I ended up with Bell's palsy.
      I ended up buying about 12 different bottles of wine for taste testing. I even bought one of those wine tappers that does not break the seal for the testing. More about this later.
      So we were having Brisket for Christmas eve. I practiced on three chuckys the week before different rubs and making good bark and the like. I never did brisket before and was a little intimidated by the long cook. So the heat sensor went out on the grill so I ordered a new one immediately. I was sent the part and ended up breaking it while trying to do the install. Now I was really in trouble because there was no time to order a new part. It was the Monday before Christmas. So Grilla Grills sent me another part. Luckily, I was able to switch the meals with my family so now I was planning for Christmas day. I had my "All day Duck" recipe on back up. When the part came in on Thursday we started working on the grill. Once we got the grill fire up I started the dry brining and seasoning the brisket and we got back on schedule. We had to go out and buy everything for our duck dinner, and the joke was we’re going to have PB and jelly for Christmas.
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      Other things were also going on that week but the main problem with the grill took the cake. So on Wednesday I told my wife lets try to have some fun and do a little wine testing. Besides the wine, I even bought some crystal stemware in four different styles. So I took the first bottle and pushed the tapper in the bottle. It would not pour. Then I saw a little piece of metal coming out from the tapper. It was the needle that was bent in half. Out of all those bottles that we had in front of us the first one I picked had a solid glass cork. So our wine tasting was over. So if one buys one of those tappers check your corks with a thumbtack first. I ordered a couple spare needles and they’re not cheap. I ended up picking out Alfredo Bertolani Dolce Fiore Lambrusco for my uncle's prime rib dinner, and the bottle of Scaia Corvina 2018 from Veneto, Italy (with the glass cork). It was a little dry for me but went great with the brisket.
      So thanks to all who answered the post.
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      A few days after Christmas I came down with Bell’s, so I have been laying low ever since. My taste buds don’t work on half of my face, so the rest of the wine tasting is postponed until later.
      The SRF wagyu brisket came out excellent.
      I have to give a shout out to whoever posted that 1 day brisket sale in November. It was the first (and maybe only time) I’ll have wagyu and my guests were very appreciative.
      I'd like to give another shout out to Brett at Gorilla grills for rushing and mailing me the parts on time.
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        All's well that ends well, right? Well, almost well. Hate to hear about the Bells Palsy. A good friend of mine had it some years back and he made a full recovery. The Grilla people are great guys. When you get back on your feet, don't forget to let us know how the tasting goes. Take care


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