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Basiley Vanilla

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    Basiley Vanilla

    Since I posted about it in the cocktails section, I'll add the full recipe here. This is exactly the same as making a good mojito, just different flavors.


    - 6-8 Thai basil leaves, or 2-3 Large, torn italian basil leaves
    - 2 oz vanilla vodka (we like absolut)
    - 3/4 oz simple syrup (vanilla is good here too)
    - 3/4 oz lemon juice
    - 4-6 oz club soda to top

    - cocktail shaker or muddler
    - basil flowers, leaves, or lemon to garnish if you're fancy

    Because I've discovered some people don't like actual whole leaves in their beverages, I'll mention two methods.

    Method the first)

    In a highball glass, pour your simple syrup, lemon juice, and scatter your basil leaves. A little basil will go a long way, so if it's not your MOST favorite flavor, cut back on the amount. With those three ingredients combined, grab your muddler, or the handle end of a wooden spoon, pestle, or whatever you have, and smush everything up real good in the bottom of the glass. The idea is to bruise the leaves well and release their delicious juices, but you don't want to obliterate them. Whole leaves are easier to avoid sucking into your straw and they look nicer in the glass. Once you've created your flavor bomb in the bottom, fill the glass with ice. I prefer your standard cubed ice-there isn't enough liquor to call for crushed ice and the larger cubes make stirring difficult. Pour in your vanilla vodka, then fill the glass with club soda. Stir with a cocktail spoon, garnish with a lemon strip, basil leaves, basil flower, whatever you like. Maybe a vanilla bean if you're rich. Drink through a straw. Prep for your next one.

    Method two)
    Same as above, except combine the vodka, lemon juice, simple syrup, and basil leaves in a cocktail shaker with ice. Shake it real nice then pour into your ice-filled glass, and top with club soda and a stir. This keeps the giant leaves out of the drink, and though mojito purists will scoff, it is still very good. The only slight difference is you may want a little more syrup using this method if you like them sweet, because when you muddle and stir the syrup still tends to gather at the bottom of the glass where your straw is, so you get a little more sugar with your sips. Shaking dilutes the sugar a bit and really mixes it in. Garnishing with basil leaves really accentuates the flavor, because you smell them while drinking.

    I hope you enjoy it!
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