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Bloody Mary

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    Bloody Mary

    I followed the Bloody Mary recipe with the smoked ice last year and made a batch for a tailgate for a football game at a bar. The batch lasted less than 10 minutes after providing a few samples. I didn't tell people about the smoked ice and asked them what they thought was different. I had to convince them that you can actually make smoked ice.

    Was a big hit

    FLBuckeye, you posted a topic under 'Recipes' titled 'Bloody Mary'...but there's no recipe here!?!

    Please share your favorite BM recipe here...


    • FLBuckeye
      FLBuckeye commented
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      I was referencing the BM recipe on this site...
      The classic Bloody Mary is taken to new smoky height thanks to a BBQ twist. Smoked ice, BBQ sauce, dry rub seasoning, and bacon are the cornerstone of this smoked Bloody Mary recipe. You'll never see this classic Sunday brunch cocktail the same way again once you take the first sip.

      I should have been clearer

    • Huskee
      Huskee commented
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      Gotcha, and my comment was just in fun. It stands reason meatheads bm recipe will be top notch.

    Why does this remind me of the story about why Aggies don't drink iced tea anymore? (The guy who knew how to make ice graduated, or had to leave town anyways.)


      Ok - I'll give it up. This recipe won me a first in a Bloody Mary drink competition back in college. It's been my stand by since. Uses Clamato.

      1-2 Ounces Vodka
      1/2-1 Ounces Lemon Juice (keep the vodka and lemon juice at 2:1)
      2 shakes tabasco
      2 shakes worchestershire
      1 heaping tsp horseradish (more to taste)
      celery salt to cover ice
      fresh ground pepper
      1/8 lime slice, squeezed on top

      Wet the rim of a tall glass with a lime slice and holding it upside down, twist the glass in some celery salt on a plate (optional). Fill the glass with clear ice cubes. Add the vodka, lemon juice, worchestershire and tabasco. Add the horseradish. Shake on enough celery salt to cover the ice well (don't be afraid, use lots). Pour in the clamato juice, reserving about a half inch at the top of the glass and stir well until the salt and horseradish is evenly distributed. Squeeze the lime on top and a pinch of ground pepper. Garnish as desired.

      Cocktail Olives and Onions
      Grilled Shrimp on a long bamboo skewer
      Add a few Clams to the drink


      • bbqoaf
        bbqoaf commented
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        Nice! Gotta use Clamato, that's the Canadian way! It is called a Caesar, it was invented in my home town at an awesome old school steak house called Caesar's that is still going strong to this day (http://www.caesarssteakhouse.com/home.htm). I always try to do a business lunch there a few times a year.

      • cdd315
        cdd315 commented
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        Caesar's are some of my fav's. I don't put lemon in mine though. Gotta try this with some smoked ice

      One I learned from tailgating, toss a Slim Jim in there, everybody loves them.
      Edit: It is actually listed as an option in the article...try it anyway!
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        Try it with tequila some time instead of vodka.


        • scorched_porch
          scorched_porch commented
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          Funny - that's where I got the inspiration for this recipe. I was dove hunting in Hermosillo, Mexico and when we got in from the field, they'd make a drink with tequilla, clams, clamato, and lemon juice. I loved it so much, when I got home I experimented with turning it into a bloody mary and the rest was history - as they say.


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