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Killer IPA

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    Killer IPA

    I did a happy hour at FOUR PEAKS BREWRY Tempe, AZ. a couple days ago and tried a seasonal they had on tap: It was one of their regular "RAJ IPA's" only this batch was fermented in Whiskey Barrels, oh this is like a whole new game, something like I've never witnessed before.
    It's a darn good thing this stuff is pricey ($7 snifter) otherwise I'd still be there Od inside the barrel

    heh heh... I want to try some of that Whiskey Barrel ale sometime... sounds really interesting


    • A Fid
      A Fid commented
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      Yep, go for it. I'm sure there's a craft brewer up in your neck of the woods that has this from time to time. So nice to have all these craft brewers popping up all over the place, wasn't that long ago when all the choice we had was Fizz lite and lite Fizz.
      The Beer Gods are with us!

    • smarkley
      smarkley commented
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      Absolutely! The beer gods have been with us for the last few years! It makes me happy

    • gardenfish
      gardenfish commented
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      Ever since "Billy beer", Carter helped get the craft beer movement going .

    Does sound good.


      Orange Shandy is out now for those who drink Leinenkugel.. Great stuff!


        Originally posted by Gumby6506 View Post
        Orange Shandy is out now for those who drink Leinenkugel.. Great stuff!
        THANKS Gumby! Been waiting for that! I'm getting some on my way from work in the morning.
        I tried Blue Moon's Valencia Orange Grove...and it's LESS orange than the regular Blue Moon, go figure. Not impressed.


          Four Peaks is one of my favorite brewpubs! Went there several times while enjoying some warm weather a couple years ago over Spring Break. Another pub that makes me drool is in Astoria, OR (Fort George). If anyone has the opportunity to visit Fort George, don't miss it! House made sausages are outstanding, but the beer is epic! And that's coming froma guy who gets to enjoy several brewpubs in the Treasure Valley of Boise, ID (the best being Sockeye...Josh King is a true beer MASTER)!

          Cheers all!


          • geno
            geno commented
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            oh ya fort George is great

          Just had an IPA on nitro this afternoon. I've had a few in the past and everytime it reminds me how much I love nitro beers, especially IPAs. Today I was at Hollister Brewing in Santa Barbara. I also plowed through a bowl of Korean Spicy Wings there. mmmm-mmmm.


          • chudzikb
            chudzikb commented
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            I had an IPA on nitro a while back, can't recall what the name of the brewery was, think from Allentown PA? Was very tasty as the head was like cream. Headed to Victory Brewing in Downingtown on Tuesday, they do the whiskey barrel brews, will make a point to at least sample one. Beer is a very important component of barbecue/smoking. Probably the most important? At least IMHO...

          • OGMrWhite
            OGMrWhite commented
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            I agree. I notice that my temps are more stable and the quality of smoke is higher when I have cold beer in hand.

          I you ever get to the San Francisco area you must try this beer. Extremely hard to find at a market or liquor store and if you do they will only sell you 1 bottle. Yes one bottle. Unless you go to the directly to the brewery in Santa Rosa like I just did and loaded up. Look this beer up on beer advocate so you can read about it. Its the best IPA Iv'e ever tried.

          Click image for larger version

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          • LangInGibsonia
            LangInGibsonia commented
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            That's almost $1000 in beer!!

          Pliny is great indeed! I also love Heady Topper from The Alchemist in VT, and Zombie Dust from 3 Floyd's in IN. All 3 have been 100 point beers, and they all earned it.


            Fermenting in whiskey barrels is not new. Back when I was in the biz, John Maier (head brewer at Rogue) and I had some IPA fermented in Jack Daniels barrels at Boston Brew Works over 15 years ago. Neither of us had heard of it or had any before, but it may go back farther than that.



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