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Dallas - Lockhart SmokeHouse

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    Dallas - Lockhart SmokeHouse

    Website: http://www.lockhartsmokehouse.com/
    Hours: Monday - Sunday 11am - Close, they are open for dinner and keep a batch of meats for the night crew so they should always have something at hand
    Location Visited: Plano

    I go here about once a week, usually on Wednesday which is designated as Beef Rib day. Yes Beef Rib day! There are two catches to Beef Rib day, and any other day at Lockhart, they may not get a meat delivery that includes the special item or they may sell out before you get there.

    To solve problem number 1 go to their Facebook page, https://www.facebook.com/pages/Lockh...51737241599131, which they update every morning with what specials they have for sale. Seriously, go to the facebook page before going or else you will be sad like I am when I find out they don't have any Beef Ribs that day.

    To solve problem number 2, go early. I try to get there by 11:30am, they open at 11am, and I can usually get the last ribs they have. The Beef Ribs are well known and very popular so try to get there between 11-11:30am if you want a shot at getting one.

    Are they worth it? YES!
    They cost $19.99 each, they weigh over a pound and look like this (yes I added sauce)
    Click image for larger version

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ID:	921 The cup next to the ribs is a very large styrofoam cup for scale. Eating these is like the end of the opening credits of the Flinstones. The Beef Ribs at Lockhart are nothing like a Pork Rib, they are not sweet and they taste like BEEF. Biting into one you will find a well seasoned bark and then the most moist and delicious brisket waiting for you. I can't recommend these enough, but don't buy the last one in front of me!

    Now that I've covered what is the best thing they make they do have other things on the menu.

    1. Brisket - Always consistently good, ask for the fatty brisket 4.5 They make A LOT of brisket so they are almost never out.
    2. Pork Ribs - They are pretty good, but I prefer mine
    3. Chicken - Good
    4. Pork chops - don't bother, dry and a lot of bone.
    5. Turkey - Good
    6. Prime Rib - Just ok when I had it, I would prefer just to get the brisket
    7. Sausage - It's from Kreuz! It's very good all beef sausage and you can get it with or without jalapeno.

    The one downside to Lockhart is that they are slow, I mean slow. It can take 15-20 mins in line to get from the door to the counter to be served. The one upside to this is that is that there are almost always tables available as most people ahead of you are finishing their food by the time you get served.

    I've only had their coleslaw for sides and I prefer their bluechese colelsaw over their Lockhart coleslaw which is basically coleslaw with a spicy mayo.

    Awesome review. Thank you for sharing!

    I have only had the brisket and burnt ends at Lockhart (I've only been once). I agree with you on the brisket, it's top notch.


      We frequent the Plano location and have never seen the beef rib offered, need to keep an eye out for that! The shoulder clod is even better than the brisket to my taste. I want to attend their "smoke camp", see if I can learn anything new over what's on here


        Originally posted by TDogg View Post
        We frequent the Plano location and have never seen the beef rib offered, need to keep an eye out for that! The shoulder clod is even better than the brisket to my taste. I want to attend their "smoke camp", see if I can learn anything new over what's on here
        Yeah I saw the smoker class being offered, I'm currently registered for a class at Premier Grilling in Frisco, http://www.premiergrilling.com/classes, with Chris Marks. I'll post about how that goes, its only 3 hours and mainly lecture so I'm wondering what I'll take away from it.

        As per the beef ribs, they are supposed to be there every Wednesday but as stated above just check Facebook around 10:30-11:00am to see what they have.

        I've never tried the sholder clod, how would you compare it to their brisket?


          I love beef ribs. I'm from the north so never heard of most of these southern/southwestern places but I gotta hand it to a place that is known for beef ribs. And yes, great review.


            This place is damn good BBQ. It's not quit on the level of Pecan Lodge, but not far behind either. The brisket rub is interesting... it has an unusual quality I'm not quite used. That being said, I liked it, and the meat is cooked perfectly. The sausage and the chicken are both good as well.


              I get to Dallas once or twice a year for work and this place is my go to for places near downtown (we stay at the Fairmont, now that I think about it, anyone know any good Q joints near to downtown?). The brisket is out of this world, but I will caveat that by saying it is the only brisket I have eaten while physically standing in the Republic of Texas. The deviled eggs they do on the side are great as well, don't skip them when you go.


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                Pecan Lodge is in Deep Ellum. It is on par with Lockharts and better in some regards. There's a new spot called Babbs but I have not tried it yet.

              Pecan Lodge is in downtown (Deep Ellum).



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