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Rudy's "Country Store" and Bar-B-Q, Pharr, TX

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    Rudy's "Country Store" and Bar-B-Q, Pharr, TX

    Went here for lunch yesterday. I would call it a traditional "sit down" Texas barbecue joint. Order at the counter, pay by the pound, etc. The brisket is available multiple ways, like "lean" and "moist". They will give you bread if you ask for it.

    I got moist brisket and pulled pork, plus potato salad.
    Click image for larger version

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    The brisket was really good - the bark was particularly outstanding. They mix some kind of onion sauce in the pulled pork, and while it was OK I would have preferred to sauce myself. Nothing special about the potato salad. Wish I could have eaten more.

    Used to hit Rudys at 7am headed to work for their brisket tacos. Really good.
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    • texastweeter
      texastweeter commented
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      have one here, and next to Stanlys, its the best in town. as far as the pork goes, hey, its Texas...beef is KING

    Brisket looks succulent, an nice bark, as well

    What was under th bottle cap, pictured at approx 1400 in yer pic?
    What sorta pickles? Hot? Dill? Sweet? (In order of my preference...)
    Sorry fer alla th questions, jus tryin to figger out what they offer, there...
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      Mr. Bones

      Lid of the potato salad.

      They have a little pickle bar you can hit after the counter. Hot pickled peppers and some other stuff. These are just dill pickle chips out of a commercial jar, fairly certain.

      Lots of sides I failed to mention, and obviously many different meats that I didn't have the space in my stomach to try. Long tables for seating.


        We eat at our Rudy's all the time. Just down the road. With so many BBQ joints down in these parts, Rudy's is still one of the better ones. Love some moist Q and Rudy's Sissy's Sauce. Dang dang good.


          Thanks fer answerin my questions, exceptin one...

          Reckon I wasn't clear, in my query, so I'll elucidate:

          What bevvie used ta live underneath th crimped metal screw top? Click image for larger version  Name:	Bottle Cap.JPG Views:	1 Size:	33.3 KB ID:	590696


            Mr. Bones AHHHH I totally misunderstood. Had it been dinner instead of lunch it would have been a Shiner Bock, but being it was lunch it was an IBC cream soda.


            • Mr. Bones
              Mr. Bones commented
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              IBC makes some tasty stuff!!!!
              I also really like good root beers, an red creme sodas, as well, when I'm dinin sans alcohol...

            Rudy's near San Antonio was my first Texas-style brisket, and the standard that I have tried to match ever since. There is all manner of bottled beverages iced down in cattle watering troughs along the waiting line.


              Rudy’s is solid bbq, got one by the house as well. For a franchise they still do it right !!


              • gcdmd
                gcdmd commented
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                That's good to know. I've eaten at the original Leon Springs (north edge of San Antonio) location several times but was always hesitant to try one of the spin-offs.

              • Steve R.
                Steve R. commented
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                gcdmd, Leon Springs is the one I'm thinking of. I have also been to the one in Round Rock, but it didn't have the same atmosphere as Leon Springs.

              • jlazar
                jlazar commented
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                Leon Springs. One mile from my house. Try the creamed corn as a side. Their chopped beef makes excellent tacos. It is from all the leftover (good parts) of the brisket that they don't sell.

              Rudy’s is in New Mexico and has always been good. They have been around here for some time and have been consistently good.

              And the brisket breakfast tacos are good!


                Love their brisket tacos, pretty good spicy bbq sauce too for a tomato based one.


                  After all this talk about Rudy’s I went to have my truck serviced and had an incredibly moist brisket sandwich next door at none other than Rudy’s.


                  • EdF
                    EdF commented
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                    A man of action!

                  When we were visiting San Antonio and I asked our friends for some Texas BBQ they took us to Rudy’s. It was my first taste of brisket actually cooked in Texas, and I was impressed.



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