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My Dallas trip...and Pecan Lodge - Worth the Wait!

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    My Dallas trip...and Pecan Lodge - Worth the Wait!

    Here is Pecan Lodge, rated #2, I believe, in The World (i.e. Texas) BBQ Restaurant.
    I ordered the 3 meat: Brisket, Pulled Pork and Spare Ribs. Oh, and some Burnt Ends and a Deep Fried Rib, of course.Click image for larger version

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    The food was obviously Great!
    Click image for larger version

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    The Bark on the ribs and Brisket were thick and very dark. Everything was cooked perfectly. They use Mesquite, so the smoke was thick and tangy. I don't mind a lot of smoke, and I've been cooking with a lot of Apple, so the differentation was cool with me. This rib didn't have a "Smoke Ring", but it was great. Look into that pic...see the marbling on that Brisket! I could hardly tell the point side from the flat. I'm not kidding.

    Click image for larger version

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ID:	22218 The fat cap was thick all around the brisket. And the bark clung to all the edges with a thick, carmelized joy that called you to eat every bit of it. I, actually, did not eat all that fat, but some of my friends did. And they liked it! I'm thinking that part of the "secret" to these top BBQ joints is the over-the-top-and-loving-it amount of marbling in the brisket.

    The Burnt Ends were actually from the Flat, I think, as they were not at all as thick with marbling as the sliced brisket is in the pic above. Yet the Burnt End was my fav! The sauce they covered it with was really tasty. The smoked bacon crusted mac and cheese was great as well.
    Click image for larger version

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    Oh, and let me not forget the deep fried rib. As we walked up, I started making small talk with the fella's working in the smoke room...and they invited me in for a look. It was hot in there. Those pit's seemed hot compared to my 225 degree cooking. And my tour guide told me the deep fried rib is covered with a special sauce they don't serve otherwise. Sold! It was good! Being from Louisiana, where "drop it in the vat" is the preamble for so much Louisiana Fare, I enjoyed their treatment. The blue cheese crumbles were interesting, also, though that's most of what I tasted for my first few bites. I would bet another one if I were sitting there now!

    Folks were lined out the door when we got there about 1 on Saturday. It was worth the wait!
    Click image for larger version

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    The dude in the black t, he was fun as he called out names to come get their BBQ vacation. And they wear these cool gravity boots...

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    PAUL! Awesome write up. Going to take a Nola (I know, Lake Charles but close enough) man to put TX on the map.

    Go Brother Go. WHO DAT!

    Nice job man!
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