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How to startup BBQ buisness

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    How to startup BBQ buisness

    I am Irakli Chkhikvishvili and decided to open a small BBQ with smoker technology in Tbilisi, Georgia. Currently none of the BBQ places is using this technology and I am confident this novelty will be a success on our market as meet is very popular in Georgia
    Below is the list of products I would like to have on the menu.
    • Ribs
    • Pulled pork Burger
    • Chorizo hotdog
    • Chicken products
    • Steak
    I would appreciate if you can recommend what type of smoker is best for above mentioned products, capacity and where can I buy it and at what price?
    I plan to sell on average 80 pieces per day
    At this moment we are beginners in this business and are eager to have any kind of recommendations from your side.

    Thank you in advance.
    Best regards,

    Welcome Irakli! That's great to hear from another member overseas such as yourself. I have no experience in restaurant setups, but I remember reading the Fast Eddy smokers seem to be popular for commercial applications. I have no idea if they're available in your location however.


      All depends on what is available, personally, depending on the space, I would do a big offset smoker, in places where these aren't common it's an attraction itself. Since each of those meats is cooked on vastly different time scales you could do pulled pork over night, then ribs and chicken together the next day, steak and dogs on a separate, smaller grill.


        There is a GREAT thread on the BBQ Brethern web site. Dude opened a BBQ restaurant and detailed all of his issues getting open. It is a 183 (!) page thread but I just read his posts for the most part. Very informative. I was in the restaurant biz for 35 years and I dealt with many of the same issues he details. Worth the read irakli


        • FLBuckeye
          FLBuckeye commented
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          Guess I failed to include the link: http://www.bbq-brethren.com/forum/sh...d.php?t=161123

        • irakli
          irakli commented
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          Dear Friend,

          First of all thank you for your reply. I see you are well experienced person in this field so I would like to ask you some question:
          1. we would like to purchase 2 smokers, 1 for pull pork, 2 for ribs. for pull pork we need to buy automatic smoker (size: for 3 pull pork). for ribs standard one.
          2. the average selling we think will have 80-120 menu per day.
          3. what do you think if we buy used smokers?
          4. what types of smokers do you think we must purchase?

          looking forward hearing from you.

          all the best,

        Yeah, the first thing would have to be figuring out what is available in your country. For example, the Australians on here have some good selections, while one of our expats in China can hardly getting anything resembling American smoking or grilling equipment. Unless, of course, you have metal skills and can fabricate your own offset smoker.


          Thank you guys.
          the information was interesting.
          I'm glad that i have registered to this site and i have learned a lot of new interesting things about bbq and meet generally.
          But still i need more information about grill and smoker.
          I am planning to open a small restaurant with about six tables plus take away, that's why i don't need equipement for big restaurants, what would you suggest? what kind of smoker and grils do i need to start this business?
          Thank you all in advance.
          Looking forward for your reply.


            It all depends on what kind of money you are looking at. There are several "smoker build" threads on here where you can purchase a used tank and convert it into a smoker. You could get one that suits your size specifically that way. If you have or know somebody with a wide skill set it can be done. Just a thought.


            • TheSmokingYeti
              TheSmokingYeti commented
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              Used gas tank. Lol. Not tank tank...but that would be one cool smoker. Shoot it out the cannon to the tables.

            You would need a smoker that doesn't need to be baby sat all night. A set it and forget it type deal that you can find examples of on the ratings and review section of the site. An electric smoker might be the way to go. You will need something to hold the meat in, such as a CVAP. You will need a gas broiler if you plan on doing steaks. You might want to look around your area for similar places and try to network with them and pick their brain.

            The restaurant business is a brutal way to make a living. Was in it for a long time. Realize 90% of rstaurants fail within 3 years. Do you have a partner? If not, you will be living at the restaurant. Do you have enough money to get by for a year while you work the bugs out of the business and build the business up? Do you have a marketing plan? Recipes? A menu all planned out with appropriate price points? A contractor ready to go to make modifications to your space? Permits? Licenses? Going to sell alcohol? Do you have a business plan in place with a time line to get open?

            Places that serve BBQ typically don't sell steaks as well. It can be done but usually places focus on steaks OR BBQ

            You say you think you will sell 80 pieces a day. 80 of what? What do you base your projection on?

            There are so many moving parts to get a place up and running it can be mind numbing. Feel free to ask me anything via PM and I will respond quickly


              Just realized that Tbilisi, Georgia is in the former Soviet Union. I thought it was the state of Georgia in the U.S. Throw out much of what I typed above as I have zero clue about the market there. It is a huge city of 1.5 million people. I would think that 80 pieces of whatever would be a modest estimate.



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