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If you're in New York City and have to have barbecue

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    If you're in New York City and have to have barbecue

    As a longtime barbecue eater and a resident of New York, happy to report that we now have legitimate options. I'm a fan of Texas style, so that flavors my suggestions.
    The big daddy to beat these days is Hill Country Barbecue -- locations in Manhattan and Brooklyn. It's got the most consistent brisket around.
    Brisket Town in Williamsburg (Brooklyn) -- I sampled this guy's stuff while he was testing but haven't been to the actual restaurant. That said, during testing phase he was producing some of the best brisket anywhere outside of New York.
    Morgan's (Brooklyn) -- One of the opening partners supposedly trained at Franklin's (and supposedly has left). Brisket is decent, but the giant rib is what I keep going back for.
    Hometown Bar-b-que (Brooklyn) -- The newest entry and good stuff. But way off the beaten path (and the subway).
    Mighty Quinn's (Manhattan) -- Solid all around. Pulled pork was my fave. But the logistics of the place -- wait in line, then wait again for a seat -- are crazy-making.
    Fette Sau -- perfectly fine.
    Blue Smoke -- now considered one of the old guard of real New York barbecue. Good for sides and sit-down places.
    Dinosaur (Harlem, Brooklyn) -- a jack of all trades, and all of them I like. Not the strongest brisket, but the overall vibe is great.

    There are other places -- some tourist traps that serve boiled ribs and giant drinks, others that go for authentic barbecue but fail miserably at it -- but they've been left off my list for a reason.

    The restaurant business in general is a hard place, but New York is particularly brutal -- imagine paying obscene rents AND having someone come in and demand a vegan plate. So I'm happy that a few brave souls have taken on this challenge and continue to deliver.

    Great reviews Ken! You're a man who loves his BBQ joints.

    I'm curious though, elaborate on the "giant rib" at Morgan's... What exactly is a giant rib?


      One more thing Ken, when you get a minute or two, please give us an introductory post about yourself in the Introduce channel. Also, be sure to check out Pit Boss' Welcome & Announcements channel and the tips posts in that channel. This will help you fill out your signature as well as learn the best way to post pics here. I see an offset smoker in your avatar, let's get all your gear listed! Enjoy!


        The giant rib is a big hunk of beef rib. Among the more famous of 'em are those done at Louie Mueller's in Taylor, Texas (but they were out the one time I had a chance to get there). ... Thanks for the tips on the other stuff. I'll get on that.


          Good compilation of restaurants, RaginCajunKen, I have been to most of them, and the two I rank highest are Fette Sau and Hill Country Barbeque. I love the bare bones interior at Fette Sau and their beer jugs, as well as the awesome brisket and pork belly, but if you want a proper drink with your meat, I suggest Hill Country Barbeque. Also, Hill Country offers the Blue Bell, a great ice cream, made in Texas.


          • The Burn
            The Burn commented
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            "Blue Bell, from Brenham, where the cows think it's heaven."

          • RaginCajunKen
            RaginCajunKen commented
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            I liked Fette Sau. Just one of those things that due to the way the trains run, it's actually easier for me to get from my neighborhood in Brooklyn to Manhattan than it is to get to Fette Sau's neighborhood. ... I grew up eating Blue Bell. Still eat it when I go home. But hard for me to pay $5 for that little one-serving cup!

          I am a big fan of Daisey May's, Adam Perry Lang's place on 11th Avenue in the mid 40's. I especially like the Omaha Beef Rib which sounds like the giant rib you described. By comparison, I didn't think the beef rib at Hill Country in Brooklyn can hold a candle to it. Did you leave it off your list for a reason? Also, Mighty Quinn has those amazing "burnt ends baked beans" and I don't even like baked beans.



          • eugenek
            eugenek commented
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            I do trips every now and then for work and I've been trying to figure out a layover in NYC to visit Daisy May's. Rumor has it APL is opening up a restaurant in LA soon, though.

          • Dewesq55
            Dewesq55 commented
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            I used to do some work with a guy whose office was on 8th Avenue in the upper 30's. I would occasionally order lunch delivered from Daisy May. It was expensive but worth it.


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