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The UNHEALTHIEST restaurant in every state

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    The UNHEALTHIEST restaurant in every state

    I can say that I have dined in at least one of these restaurants over the years (perhaps more than once). I didn't order the items on this list - but I can attest that the food we did eat was tasty at the time.

    All this does is confirm our belief that "calories = flavor", or as some chefs have said, "brown food tastes good"

    Scrolling down the list, let me sum up for you:
    • burger (11 entries)
    • nachos (4 entries)
    • donut (2 entries)
    • hot dog (4 entries)
    • vegetable!!! (1 entry)
    • pancakes (1 entry)
    • bacon (1 entry)
    • pizza (6 entries)
    • breakfast (3 entries)
    • steak (2 entries)
    • tater tots (2 entries)
    • BBQ (3 entries)
    • Grilled cheese (2 entries)
    • ravioli (1 entry)
    • burrito (1 entry)
    • macaroni salad (1 entry)
    • poutine (1 entry)
    • pie (1 entry)
    • Chuck Norris (1 entry)
    • "fine neanderthal cuisine" (1 entry)
    • Dessert (1 entry)
    (I think that adds up to 50 entries. I may have miscounted)

    Knowing which restaurant in your state offers up the most unhealthy meals can keep you out of trouble, so we made the definitive list.

    I gotta say, that's one lazy list.

    I scrolled through quickly, saw they picked Outback Steakhouse for one state, picked Red Robin for another... someone ain't never BEEN to most of these states.

    Here's my vote for my local state (Oklahoma) - Patriot Cafe in Sapulpa.

    Click image for larger version

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    • ItsAllGoneToTheDogs
      ItsAllGoneToTheDogs commented
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      I agree... Colorado has tons of great unhealthy options... heart attack in Vegas is a cheap shot, it's in the name! But there are MUCH worse in Vegas. NC they pick a Burger joint? Hello this is the land of fried foods, tons of options and none of them are burger joints!

    Ha! I was looking for the restaurants with the most health department violations! Different meaning for "unhealthiest".

    This looks like a list of places to visit!


      Outback Steakhouse and Red Robin. Really? I would hope they could dig a little deeper than that.

      However, many of those plates look damn good to me. Especially the Munchies 420 spot in FL. I love burgers like that.


        We are the burrito!


          I almost wonder how much it cost to get included on this list. Would any of us have heard of Munchies in Sarasota without it?


            it's almost a list of "here's a bunch of places with really tasty things".

            We refer to Red Robin and Outback as sometimes places. As in, "sometimes we'll go there, if there's absolutely nothing else available in the area". On the other hand, unlimited fries at RR.

            They're definitely steps above applebee's when traveling in unfamiliar territory (although we do grant that in some parts of the country, Applebee's may be the only real restaurant in the area. Friends would tell us about going to prom dinner at the local steak cafeteria place (think ponderosa or bonanza, but not as classy) -- because where they lived, that local place was the only place serving a decent steak.


              I would like to eat all that. Looks great to me.


                Buyer beware. Unhealthy is in the eye of the one placing their order.


                  Not the best list, but I have a huge soft spot for the MD selection. When I was a college student that carb loaded bomb was the ultimate hangover cure.


                    You know there's one thing about being old, you can say f...k it to healthy


                    • Richard Chrz
                      Richard Chrz commented
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                      I say that often,

                    • CaptainMike
                      CaptainMike commented
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                      Hahahahaha, and most people!!

                    I have had a garbage plate from Rochester NY and I’ll admit it is unhealthy. It is delicious also.


                    • Rod
                      Rod commented
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                      I've had that. Soooo good!

                    Wow! There are a lot worse places calorie and fat wise in Texas than the Amarillo steakhouse listing.🤣


                      what's really crazy is that the individual items by themselves really aren't that horrible for you.

                      A lot has to do with the amount of butter, sugar, or fried/oil used in the cookery. So many of those restaurant dishes, when any of us make similar plates at home, are significantly (tastier, for sure) lower in calories and fats than what's presented on the above list.


                        Seriously lame list. Not one chicken shack . . . . seriously ? And a Famous Dave's in Wisconsin? Wisconsin is the home of deep fried cheese curds and brats. Come on man.

                        I was very happy to see Hillbilly Hotdogs in West Virginia. They have a dog there called the Homewrecker that could support its own Mayo clinic. "Jalapeños, sautèed, peppers and onions, nacho cheese, habenero, chili sauce, mustard, slaw, lettuce, tomato, and shredded cheese, piled high on a 15-inch, 1-pound all beef weenie in a big 'ol bun!"


                        • Murdy
                          Murdy commented
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                          Seems to have a lot of vegetables on it, how bad could it be?

                        • RustyHaines
                          RustyHaines commented
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                          Yep Murdy I'm with you. Not like you're going to live forever, eh?


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