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Road trip!

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    Road trip!

    Well I am heading out on a road trip for the first time in about two years. Wife and I agree that after so much time locked down together a break is in order so I’m going alone. I’m fully vaccinated so figure I am as safe as I am going to be. I roll out in about an hour. Heading to Savannah, GA area to see long time friends who moved there last fall. After a few days I plan to head North through Charlotte and Asheville, NC to visits others. Then lolly gag towards home from there. I’m figuring about two weeks on the trip.

    Anyhow, the time away will also be used to explore our favorite pass time which is bbq of course. Savannah, Charlotte, Asheville and points in between have plenty of spots. I also will pass through/by Louisville, Lexington, Memphis, Nashville, etc. Think Milwaukee, WI to Savannah and back the long lazy way. As a retiree I have no schedule so I can stop/go anywhere.

    SO, any recommendations for stellar Q?
    I know. Loaded question. Let ‘er rip!

    I heard there’s an awesome place you don’t wanna miss in Rockdale, Tex. Supposed to be a big shindig....first part of June?
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    • Jfrosty27
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      Thinking about it John. Really want to. But two trips so close together will be a hard sell. We’ll see.

    • Clark
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      Panhead John Rockford, you say? Is that near Rockwall, Rockport, Rockdale or what?

    • Panhead John
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      😂 Guess I watched too much "Rockford Files" back in the day.

    Cozy Corner BBQ

    735 N. Parkway
    Memphis, TN 38105

    Tuesday – Saturday
    11:00am – 8:00pm
    11:00am – 4:00pm

    Just went here in March while in Memphis. Loved! Been there done that AND got the t-shirt.


      Lewis BBQ in Charleston SC.


        Rodney Scott's in Charleston.


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ID:	1031467 Well I’m back from my trip to the SE. made stops at Charlotte,NC, Columbia, SC, Savannah, GA, Robbinsville, NC, Nashville, TN, and Marion, IL on the way back. I stayed with friends in Charlotte, Savannah, and Robbinsville. We either ate out or grilled at their houses. Grilled steaks, salmon, burgers and on on occasion did some ribs in an Orion Cooker. Unfortunately there was way too much beer and bourbon consumed to remember photos. 🙄🤦

          I stopped at The Midwood Smokehouse in Columbia and the Peg Leg Porker in Nashville. Both were excellent. I tried to eat at 17th Street BBQ in Marion but they were closed! (On Tuesday) Apparently they needed to cut back their hours do to a worker shortage. Really bummed about that.

          Fortunately I got out of the SE before the gasoline craziness hit there. But I did see the prices skyrocket overnight.

          Anyway, a great trip, saw some great friends, at some great Q etc., and had a lot of fun.


            Sounds like a great trip. Glad you ate well and had fun. Good looking pics also. I think I see some hush puppies on that first plate. And the ribs looked really good!


            • Jfrosty27
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              Yes the ribs were dry rub style. Really good. And the sides there were great too. Smoked green beans were outstanding. The Midwood was brisket point and cheddar jalapeño sausage. Yum.


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