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Lockhart's BBQ

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    Lockhart's BBQ

    Look, I understand that Slow's gets all the press in Detroit, but I really wasn't that impressed. The food at Slow's was really cold the last time I went there, I was attacked by a giant bee in the outdoor patio, and you have to wait HOURS to get a table there.

    Lockhart's in downtown Royal Oak doesn't have any of those problems. They give you several sauces at the table, you eat fresh pickles with everything, and they don't skimp at all with the food. Order a platter of anything and they give you HEAPS of food. They have a great beer selection and a comely wait staff. Best part: hardly ever a wait (unless you go on Friday and Saturday nights).

    Downloaded a few handy pictures of the location to put up here. I am not involved in the restaurant at all, just a fan.

    I too have dined a few times at Slows in the D and agree with everything Eric posted - I do still like the Brisket enchilada. Thanks for the heads up and pics of Lockhart's in RO - I will be sure to make the trip down!!


      I'll be in D town next weekend, I'll have to Google Lockhart's.


        Thanks for the heads up Eric, have to agree with you on Slows although to be fair I ate at the Slows to go. Will have to check this place out next time we're down that way.


          Cool post! I've been to Slows a lot more than Lockharts. Here are my fittycents

          My findings at Slows:
          --Chicken Strut and Smoked Wings are really good usually
          --Baby Back ribs are good (not so much the spares)
          --Pulled pork can be good-to fair, depending on the day. I don't like when they drench it in vinegar sauce. The bark can be awesome at times!
          --Their beer selection is one of the best in the Metro D area. Annoying how they don't give you beer menus though.
          --Sides are all really good. Hoffman cheddar fries, black eyed peas, mac. etc
          --Don't care for the brisket.
          --They do lack consistency.
          --Don't care for any of their sauces
          --Really cool atmosphere

          Lockharts to me is pretty good. I do like their patio and the pickle idea. Nothing has blown me away there though (open for suggestions for the next time I'm in town). Everything seemed sorta bland to me.

          If you ever go to Slows and they are packed, give Mercury bar across the street a visit--great burgers!

          My fave brisket in the area is Lazy Bones in Roseville--no frills, carryout joint.

          If you get a chance, head out to the Fenton Fire Hall. Not a BBQ joint per-say, but they have a kicka$$ elevator grill and I think they have a smoker? Probably the best restaurant I've been to atmosphere wise.


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            We would rather go to the Mercury across the street! Slows is hit or miss. Woodpile Bbq just opened in Clawson. Verdict is still out. The ribs my nephew bought from there did not have a lick if meat on them???? How can a bab shack purchase non meaty ribs. Brisket and sausage were good.


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