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Robert Earl's BBQ - Long Beach, CA

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    Robert Earl's BBQ - Long Beach, CA

    Though I live in Long Beach this place is way across town from where I am - like 12 miles across town - so it isn't in my neck the woods so much. i finally found myself in the area because i scored a sweet '75 Weber kettle just a few blocks away so i had a chance to stop by.

    So, let me preface this review of sorts with a few points that i think made this a less than grand experience.

    1. It was a Wednesday at 2:30 pm
    2. I didn't see smoke.
    3. I didn't smell smoke.
    4. there was no smoke.

    Conclusion -

    i was not served bbq. i was served reheated leftovers

    Now, had I visited on a smoking day, say a weekend maybe? Probably coulda had some better results because i was not entirely displeased with the experience.

    Great beans made with leftover brisket
    Great "patato" salad (love that spelling )
    nice tasting rib tips - good smoke flavor, tasty rub ( but re-warmed leftovers)
    properly served with plain white bread
    authentic bbq shack feel
    requisite wobbly fan in orderin' area
    real smokers in back lot
    friendly staff and family run

    shitty, re-warmed brisket
    re-warmed leftover bbq on non-smokin' days
    not sure what grade meat being served
    it took 30 minutes to re-heat the leftover bbq meats
    no ice for the lemonade (but there for bbq so suck it up!)

    End Game -
    I will go back. i found enough flavor there that i have to give it a second chance. it was chili day for sure. like to hit it on an actual smokin' day to see if this place can deliver as promised. i think it has the pedigree for it. i want to believe it can. i'll follow up visit two when i make it happen.

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    Ah, good ol' SoCal. Born and raised there I remember when I thought having to go ten miles to do something was a long way. The fact that driving ten miles might take a half hour or more might have something to do with it. Then I moved to Washington, thirty-five miles to the nearest town, another seventy to the nearest mall or box store. Now ten miles is considered across the street! But it is all good, no freeways (with their annoying on/off ramps), no traffic, and 60MPH two lane highways.


    • ItsAllGoneToTheDogs
      ItsAllGoneToTheDogs commented
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      and you have access to Zips Drive In, the best fast food fish and fries ever IMO of course! (did 4 years 20 min from Spokane, also moved from SoCal)

    • ComfortablyNumb
      ComfortablyNumb commented
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      ItsAllGoneToTheDogs I still have some property over in Stevens County and will go to the Zip's in Colville when I'm over there. I'm a sucker for the bucket of onion rings. After every gorging I swear I'll never do it again, but like a junkie I keep going back. BTW, the Zip's in Colville now serves a decent bacon and egg breakfast at a reasonable price.


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