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SAMs Club Baby Back Ribs

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    SAMs Club Baby Back Ribs

    Not sure what is going on with Pork prices lately but the deal of the day at SAMs Club at 18% off the 3 pack of Baby Back Ribs.
    Mine were $45.00 WITH THE DISCOUNT APPLIED!!!!!
    Last 3 pack I pulled from the freezer from 3 months ago were $33.00

    Yeah last time I was at Costco, about two weeks ago, baby back ribs were $5.49/lb. About $50 per 3 pack. Crazy.


      I had to take a picture of the price of ribs last time I seen them. $7.99/lb. I wouldn't even pay $5/lb prior to the price hike. I like ribs but not that much.


      • Steve R.
        Steve R. commented
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        Yeah, I would never be able to enjoy commodity ribs I paid that much for. It even hurts me a little to splurge for the good stuff from Creekstone Farms.

      Baby backs $4.98/lb delivered from Wild Fork Foods online. I did two racks a few weeks ago. They were very good quality. Still expensive though.


      • leol2
        leol2 commented
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        Yes there ribs are very good and their prime briskets are excellent

      Babybacks (On sale at Sams) are currently 7.22 a lb here in pork country as of last weekend. Pork butts usually go on sale for 0.99 a lb this time of year, lowest I've seen in 4.99 a lb so far


      • Huskee
        Huskee commented
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      Welcome to the Wide World of COVID and the new, hyperinflationary reality of the New World Order.


        Probably due to this as well?


        • ItsAllGoneToTheDogs
          ItsAllGoneToTheDogs commented
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          If anything, that would at least temporarily create a pork saturation in the market since CA is no longer importing from non-compliant producers. At least here, Sams sources from East Coast producers, and I'm pretty sure none of them will be complying with CA's requirements anytime soon.

        Yeah, pork prices at Sam's, especially on ribs, went up at the beginning of the summer, and are still way above normal. I can get better pricing at most grocery stores on ribs and Boston butts if I keep an eye out for sale pricing. I bought a lot of meat at Kroger this summer, with their sale pricing matching the pre-pandemic pricing I used to see at Sam's.


        • dubob
          dubob commented
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          "I can get better pricing at most grocery stores on ribs and Boston butts if I keep an eye out for sale pricing." AMEN! I only shop sale prices on meat and load up when it's cheap. My last rib buy was at a Kroger affiliate - $1.99/lb; bought three and smoked the first one yesterday. 😁
          Last edited by dubob; August 24, 2021, 09:59 AM.

        • jfmorris
          jfmorris commented
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          dubob in the past, I swore off Kroger a few years back after buying 8-10 butts on sale, and finding more waste and gristle in them than the ones I was getting at Sam's or Costco, but this year Kroger has been my friend, and I've bought whole NY strips, briskets, Boston butts and ribs when on sale. I have 3 freezers that were crammed full in June, and have not bought much meat since.

        • FireMan
          FireMan commented
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          jf, it’s so nice Kroger is yer friend. Happy fer you. 🕶
          Last edited by FireMan; August 24, 2021, 10:38 PM.

        Trouble comin everyday.


        • Debra
          Debra commented
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          As the old saying goes?
          You ain't seen nothing yet.

        I live in the land of pork, and I haven't seen prices go up much. My only surprise is that it's taken this long for prices to go up significantly. Last year producers had to kill thousand of hogs because there was no place to have them processed. Half the processing plants were shut down because there weren't enough healthy people to run them. Steers have more flexibility in when they can be butchered, but hogs have to be processed at a certain point. Takes a while to come back from that. Those are the big processors. Around here, I could have gotten a hog for basically nothing but the processing fee, but the small processors were booked for months. Normally I get a side of beef about October, and it was February before a processor was available. Partly because the guy I was buying part of a steer from had a friend who reopened a place that had been closed since the butcher retired. Probably the only reason you haven't seen prices jump more since last summer is because the big guys have contracts for pork at a certain price. It's a year later, those contracts ran out.


          Back ribs on sale at local groceries $2.99-lb today though weekend. I’m buying!


            And with so many people staying home last year and restaurants being closed or limited in operation, people started to cook at home more again, and many too up new hobbies, like smoking meat or gourmet cooking, and are not going to stop just because things opened up again, so there's probably a lot more demand on the consumer side of things.


              Some contend that cities with plenty of grocer competition keeps prices low. That seems to be true in Dallas. On sale Boson Butts are less than $1, St Louis Ribs $1.99 and Brisket has been on sale for as low as $1.67. Beef steaks have continued to climb.
              Last edited by LA Pork Butt; August 26, 2021, 11:49 AM.


                Originally posted by LA Pork Butt View Post
                Some contend that cities with plenty of grocer competition keeps pries low. That seems to be true in Dallas. On sale Boson Butts are less than $1, St Louis Ribs $1.99 and Brisket has been on sale for as low as $1.67. Beef steaks have continued to climb.
                Wow, those are crazy low prices compared to what we see in the Midwest - especially the Brisket. Cheapest Brisket I have seen in at least five years is a full packer from Costco at $3.29/pound. And somehow that was Prime, and way less than they were charging for a Choice flat. Still makes no sense.


                  This would be worth buyig a second freezer and making a road trip for. Those prices are from 10 years ago in my area.


                  • Bogy
                    Bogy commented
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                    My son and I split a steer this year. Last year he bought a halfWith processing it works out to about $3.25 a lb, whether its hamburger or ribeye. Last year he bought a half on his own. While it was at the processor I got a call asking if he could have the freezer the previous owner left behind at our lake house. So I let him have the old upright freezer and I bought a freezer we could put in the basement instead of the garage.


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