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BBQ Guru has two new controllers

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    BBQ Guru has two new controllers


    Click image for larger version

Name:	ultraq-side-flicker-animation.png
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Size:	128.5 KB
ID:	813817Click image for larger version

Name:	UltraQ-landing-01.png
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Size:	272.9 KB
ID:	813818

    Those look cool. Thanks for firing up my MCS.


      Wow, that's quite a controller, I didn't even know I needed all those features. I though for sure it would be $500, but the price was a surprise.


      • Bill P
        Bill P commented
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        At that price it should do the shopping too.

      A bit pricey for only two probe ports, from what I can tell. Or am I missing something?

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      • RonB
        RonB commented
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        Did you see the pretty lights?

      • Uncle Bob
        Uncle Bob commented
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        Looks like it has 4 ports but only two probes supplied standard, unless you order the no probe package if you already have BQG hardware. I'm thinking it's a price point call on their part, similar to Fireboard only supplying 3 probes in their just under $200 package.

        Target marketing here that might not appeal universally. With the Alexa, BT, and Wifi, plus the "look out the window" quick thought process colored light thing it's less analog minded.

      • fzxdoc
        fzxdoc commented
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        I didn't look that closely. I just saw that it ships with 2 probes in the package. I see now that there are ports for 3 food and 1 ambient probes. Thanks for pointing me to those flashing lights, RonB .

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      Looks like it's not available yet. Wonder how many will rush to "pre-order"?

      Trusted brand at my house and I have a box full of their stuff. I love my old school Pit Viper and Pit Bull fans! I use them with my FireBoard. Too bad they cheaped out on the Pit Viper and replaced the old model with a cheaper plastic model.

      I'd want to see some independent reviews before I'd order.


        The UltraQ looks interesting, and is probably competing directly with the Fireboard plus drive cable plus fan. Once you add all that stuff to the Fireboard, it probably would cost more than the UltraQ.

        I noticed they also killed the PartyQ. I've enjoyed using mine, and in fact, used it to manage my cook of corned beef, cabbage and veggies on the Performer on Monday. The PartyQ was $30 under the DigiQ, so I guess they decided to simplify the line-up.


          Interestingly, UltraQ at $266 and FireBoard at $268 (sans fan, fan to cooker connection adapter, and shipping). So they are really about the same price. Looks like Guru was smart in their pricing strategy doesn't it?

          From what I see, you can use Guru's "ShareMyCook" and get cloud based data logging and cook records like those of the FireBoard. This is a really nice feature from my perspective.

          UltraQ - 4 ports; FireBoard - 6 ports. I have never used 6 ports but have used 5.

          I am looking forward to some independent reviews of the new UltraQ to see how it works. I am really interested in a side by side comparison of the cloud based cook records of both the UltraQ and the FireBoard.

          Full disclosure: I use the FireBoard extensively. I have it built into my Yoder pellet grill and I have another complete system for my other grills. I find the cloud based system extremely beneficial. It does have a small learning curve but it becomes very easy to use and it allows me to capture and record all or as little detail as I want. From a review sometime back, I thought the FireBoard cloud based software was more detailed and capable. But again, I am really interested in a good side by side review.

          Click image for larger version  Name:	Capture 1.JPG Views:	0 Size:	21.1 KB ID:	813832

          Click image for larger version  Name:	Capture.JPG Views:	0 Size:	28.3 KB ID:	813833
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            If you already use Guru products and have the fan and some probes, the price isn't too bad. BUT - I'm waitin' for someone to improve on the Meater 'cause I hate the cables...


              Oooh, MCS, MCS, MCS. Dang, that looks good! And dishwasher safe probes? And a very good price. I may pull the trigger on this one. I have the FireBoard, and I'm extremely happy with it, but this one looks like serious competition!

              Did any of you figure out if the fan comes with it or not?


              • Alphonse
                Alphonse commented
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                Yes, I noticed the dishwasher safe probes too. I hate trying to clean the probes up all the time. Sure would be nice to drop them in the washer and let it clean them up.

              • RonB
                RonB commented
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                Alphonse - I'd worry about the probes getting tangled inside the dishwasher. Ya might want to make sure they can't.

              Henrik Directly from their site for the Weber kit:

              "UltraQ Kit w/ Pit Viper Fan and Weber Adaptor - $323.99
              UltraQ Kit with 6' Probes, Pit Viper Fan, and Weber Adaptor."

              You can choose your cooker from a drop down list for the complete kit.
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              • Henrik
                Henrik commented
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                Cool, thanks. I have the fan and adaptors already, was curious to see what the controller + fan cost would be. Will read up a little more, but think I’m gonna get one.

              Looks like amazingribs/Bill McGrath did a review for them a couple days ago:





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