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Grommets - Other than the one Maverick sells?

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    Grommets - Other than the one Maverick sells?

    Does anyone know of a good source for high heat grommets for probe cables? I removed the thermometer from the top of my kettle and place the probes of my 732 thru there. I bought some grommets from Maverick but there a little too small. They're 5/16", so I probably need 3/8" or 7/16"

    I've also removed the built-in thermometer from the front of my GOSM and was going to use that for probe insertion and I think that hole is even a little larger - maybe 1/2"


    Hi Burn,

    I use these as someone else here recommended them. McMaster-Carr High-Temp Grommets item # 1061T11. You get 25 for $6.14 - www.mcmaster.com

    I split them (recommended by same person) and work them around the cable so I don't have to push the probe through them. A little bit of a pain to fit into the grill, but they work very well. Easy to lose, though (due to the split) if you are pulling cables out and not paying attention.

    Panel hole diameter of 1/4 and panel thickness of 1/16 is perfect for Weber Kettle & Maverick Probes. I used a steel punch to make an indent, then drilled 1/8 hole as pilot, and finished with 1/4. Hold a block of wood where you are drilling so you don't get sharp edges in the metal when the bit goes through.

    Drilled 1 hole about 2 inches above the lower grate and 1 hole about 2 inches above the upper grate. I use 1/4 inch hex bolt with washers / wing nut to close off any hole I'm not using.

    Highly recommend 6 foot probes if you can get them for the 732. I have a 733.


    -- Ed


      Thanks Ed - I'll give those a look. I'm using the existing hole in the lid, so I don't have to drill my kettle and I've got a set of the 6 foot probes. They get left in the kettle as I've got a second 732 that I'll use for other units (at least until I spring for a 735 in January).


        Ed's idea is a great one... I may have to do that too.

        Another place to get grommets is cajunbandit here is the link >> http://cajunbandit.com/wsm-parts-mods/

        Although, like I said... Ed has a better idea I think.


          The Burn I am getting ready to add grommets to my WSM (the older model that doesn't have the silicone grommet) and I ran across this post on TVWBB.

          I got a new Maverick ET-732 yesterday. I am going to use it on my OTG and WSM. I did not want to run the probe wires through the lid. I took some ideas I've seen here, and on other forums, and came up with a plan. I cut a 3/4" long piece of 1/4" of electrical running thread (mainly used for lighting fixtures). It's 1/4" ID, and 1/2" OD. I got 2 locknuts and one pipe cap (plumbing) for it. http://img839.imageshack.us/img839/282/grommet011024.jpg On my 18 1/2" WSM, I drilled a 1/2" hole,


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            Love this idea.


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